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Profile Evaluation

Hi , I am planning to pursue Masters next year and I am not sure where I stand for the Top US universities.
Education Background
B.Com Hons – GPA 3.26/4 - 2019-22 – from a Top 5 College in India
Cleared 5 Actuarial Science Papers (Core Stats and Maths)
CFA level 3 Candidate
CQF Candidate Jan 2023.
Work Experience : Worked as an options trader in a prop trading firm for 2 years.
Coding Experience: R
I don’t have the required coding skills, I intend to start with the C++ course. I want to work as a quant trader and would like your thoughts on the best programs for me.
I know my undergrad grades are not great and since it is a 3 year program , can put top US programs out of my reach.
What should I do to increase my chance getting admission in Top US programs.
If you are a commerce student you should forget about proper quant job! There is NOTHING that your commerce college has taught you that you will use in quant job. No good quant masters program will consider you!. Do stats from some good college and then you might get chance for consideration! Or just go for MBA/CA like all commerce person