Profile Evaluation

Hi , I am planning to pursue Masters next year and I am not sure where I stand for the Top US universities.
Education Background
B.Com Hons – GPA 3.26/4 - 2019-22 – from a Top 5 College in India
Cleared 5 Actuarial Science Papers (Core Stats and Maths)
CFA level 3 Candidate
CQF Candidate Jan 2023.
Work Experience : Worked as an options trader in a prop trading firm for 2 years.
Coding Experience: R
I don’t have the required coding skills, I intend to start with the C++ course. I want to work as a quant trader and would like your thoughts on the best programs for me.
I know my undergrad grades are not great and since it is a 3 year program , can put top US programs out of my reach.
What should I do to increase my chance getting admission in Top US programs.