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MIT MFin Quantitative assessment section


The interview invite for MIT MFIN mentioned a quantitative assessment section. Can anybody elaborate on what this is about?
I don't know what it will be about. I'm just practicing differential and integral calculus, differential equations and some stats. What are you studying?
Hey fsez and smiguel, I am an Indian student and planning to do MS Finance from USA or UK (MIT is my dream place). I would like you to just take a look at my profile below and comment if I have any chances for an admit at MIT MSFin or not. Also if possible which universities I have good chances?
Nationality : Indian
Age : 21
Undergrad : Computer Engineering from NIT Surat (a top 25 University in India) (highly selective)
GPA : 8.7/10 (4.0/4.0 as per WES) and top 15% of class (Relative grading using bell curve)
GRE : 335 (170 Q / 165 V) (GMAT Equivalent 760~770)
IELTS : 115/120
Obtained all India rank of 4621 out of 1.5 million students in an engineering entrance exam (for undergrad programs), which results in top 1200 rank as per US population
1. Finance Research Internship at an Indian Institute of Management (Top 5 B School in India)
2. Data Analytics (in marketing) Research internship at the same Indian Institute of Management (Did this simultaneously with the first internship)
3. Equity research internship at a middle market firm (Winter internship)
4. Summer analyst (Investment banking) at Royal Bank of Scotland.
CFA : Level 1 will be cleared this December
Datacamp Datascientist using R, Spreadsheets Skilltrack, Wharton Accounting 1 and 2 (Coursera),Wharton Corporate finance (Coursera), Financial modelling Specialisation (Coursera), M&A Coursera and many other certifications related to finance.

Extracurricular activities and volunteering :
1. College Football team captain.
2. Traded Stocks and Derivatives for 3 years during undergrad (Passionate about capital markets and investments)
3. Swimmer and weight lifter (Fitness enthusiast)
4. NSS (National social service body having its presence in multiple universities ) leader for university and organized various blood donation camps, eye checkups.
5. Made significant efforts to create self sustainability and health in local villages by giving them trainings and support from corporate and medical institutions for free
6. Taught to local community kids for 3 consecutive years

I would really appreciate if you can let me know which universities I have good chance for MS Finance
(Note:I dont want to join Financial engineering or computational finance type of course but I am fine with financial economics type of courses)
Hi soni,

I shall be joining the financial economics programme at columbia. I preferred this programme over MIT because of a small class size and better course structure, but you will have to take a call since MIT has a solid brand name in india. Other good programmes include the programme at UChicago and financial economics at oxford.

Financial engineering courses are also pretty good but it appears you are not interested. I would recommend you try to have a good internship ( please do not EVER mention the paid video lecture series under prof mathur as an internship ). Your GRE is impressive and GPA is not too bad. NITS is one of the good schools so it should be okay. You need good projects and an internship.

An internship at a BB bank ( GS, JP, MS, etc ) or a top research org such as CAFRAL in bombay ir NIPFP or even ISB might help. Try to do projects and maybe publish somewhere. You have a good shot at any of the 4 schools I mentioned. Goodluck!
Thank you fsez, I was stressed a lot regarding my profile not being up to the mark but now looks like I have a good shot with some improvements as you have mentioned. Once again thanks buddy
Hi @kdsoni I'm joining MIT. I think you have a great profile and have a great shot to be admitted to Princeton, MIT, Columbia, U Chicago, etc... Be sure to apply to all of them to hedge your chances to get into a great program. Excellent GRE score, great GPA considering the grade deflation Indian universities have, great internships and ECs (be sure to highlight those experiences in the essays).

All in all man, you're in good shape man. Just be sure that your essays are great also. All the best man!!!