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I know this doesnt seem to be the right question to ask here-


Are there any reliable rankings for MS Finance/FE/FinMath/QuantFin,etc.
I saw Global Derivatives' but they are about 3 years old and US News' has MBA but no MS.

Andy Nguyen

There is no official ranking for financial engineering programs. The ranking on GD is the only one I'm aware of but their method and reputation are up for debate. There is a strong feeling around here that Baruch program's reputation and quality has improved tremendously the last few years. The general consensus is that Baruch is in the top 10 of all programs in US-Canada. On top of that, Baruch's MFE program should be ranked 1st among public universities.



seriously- you are amazing.
thanks a ton for all your time and help.
I will probably ask you tons of questions more.
But thanks again.