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Recommendation Letter for MS


I was applying for several universities and got stuck on a recommendation letter submission for NYU Tandon MFE.

My internship manager who I worked closely with has shifted to another company. He cannot use the old mail id and has to submit the letter through a personal id.

Most universities have mentioned they will do further investigation for the recommenders, which is expected.
NYU Tandon MFE has mentioned they need a company mail id, as well as a watermark of the company as a compulsory measure.
Has anyone faced a similar situation, what could be the solution? I urgently need the recommendation of the internship manager.

Thank you
i'd suggest sending the admissions team an email and asking them.

but if you don't have time for that i think your recommender should use the corporate id at his new firm. that will give it some legitimacy, because anyone can make a personal gmail/yahoo account with any username. and make sure you mention very categorically — both when you're entering his details and on the recommendation letter that he submits — that he supervised you when he was at firm f_{t-1} but now works at f_{t}