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Baruch MFE Reg Part time MFE Baruch

Karthik G

New Member

I am a recent CS graduate currently working at an investment bank in NYC.
I am in quite a dilemma deciding whether to apply for part time or full time MFE.
Any information regarding the part time option would be very helpful.


Are there any employment statistics available for the part time program?

I read that the part time students also do participate in the career center events at Baruch,
but is there any difference in the kind of jobs offered to the part time students compared to full timers?

How do they fare generally at those events? Do recruiters look at part time students in a different light?

Also ,Where can I look at the fee structure for part time MFE at Baruch?


doug reich

Some guy
Part time and full time are treated the same at Baruch. They do not make a distinction on the application, if I recall, and the only difference is the tuition (set by the college) and the number of classes you take.

Tuition and Fee Information - Baruch College

Specifically look at Graduate Non-MBA Students (MS, MA, MPA, MS Ed.) (doesn't format here)