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Singapore hedge fund vs Wall Street aspirations

I don't think this or your previous comment applies to the OP. He said he is interning at a HF so, this is the full operation.
hedge fund as a industry does not exist in Singapore. One can't make a career in hedge fund working in Singapore. I hope this is clear.
Hey marina, I am not sure to what degree you are referring to when you say "does not exist". Take this hedge fund for example. Arisaig Partners (http://www.arisaig-partners.com/). They originated in Singapore and the last time I checked, their AUM is 2 billion. Essentially, they are the largest hedge fund in Singapore.

So yup, compared to the 20bn and 30bn hedge funds in the US, the ones in Singapore are definitely much much smaller. Relative to my original post, I am less concern with the size of the hedge fund. For all that I've seen, my offer is at a hedge fund. It a question of, like what alain said, take a job in Singapore or take a flier in NY.
Take the job, after 2 years with actual job experience you will have a solid track record and NY will be a real option.

At the moment it's nothing more than a dream, take what seems to be a good job and build yourself a solid base.

Ken Abbott

Managing Director
The notion of "proving yourself" in New York sounds a bit narcissistic. If you really like NY and want to live and work there, do it for that reason.

Singapore is a great city. I'd love to workthere. If the opportunity is good and you like the people, take the job there.
Hey guys.

I just wanted to let you know that after much consideration, I decided to take the job at this hedge fund in Singapore. While it is not New York, I feel very good about this. Given that this will be my first full-time job, I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity than this - a place with great people, good technology and great talent.

Thank you once again for your kind feedback.
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