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Trading Strategy

My dad is going to give me $1,000 to invest via scottrade. I was wondering, what are some good investing strategies? I'm thinking about buying cheap, distressed companies stocks and bonds like david tepper and ken griffin. What is the formula to discover mispriced warrants and bonds?
There is nothing sure shot; companies that are distressed can remain distressed and eventually go bankrupt.

You have to clear whether you want to trade or invest. Your thread title states trading, and then your message uses investing.

If you are interested in trading it doesn't matter whether the company is distressed; you'd probably be wasting your time in that. You can flip over every day. Trading focuses on market trend and not on nonsense such as earnings, PE ratios , dividend yield etc.

As your post's title asked about trading, I would say that technical analysis is probably the best way to make money. You obviously won't learn it overnight. It takes years. I would suggest that you watch videos of Oscar Carboni (www.livewithoscar.com). He posts free vids on youtube almost everyday. I have been following him since 2008, and I have to say that he was amazing. He is probably the best out there.

P.S He has 29 years of experience in trading, with over 20 years on the floor at the Wall Street.