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UCB MFE UCB MFE Interview invite


Hey guys.

So I just received an interview invite from UCB, in 2 days. I wanted to inquire, just broadly, what basic topics they will be covering.

I ask this since at the time I began my application, I was fresh out of college, so did not need to worry, but now I feel I might be lacking somewhat in terms of answering technical questions, as well as programming skills. It doesn't help that I don't use any of these in my current job (prop trading firm, wonder if the interviewer sees this as a positive or a negative).

If there are any last minute resources anyone can share, it will be a great help.



Did my interview yesterday with a current student. All questions are technical and directly related to the courses and internship/research on my resume.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Don’t give me specifics, but what were the fields u were tested on? Purely statistics or programming also? Asking since I have a day to revise it all.

For reference, if you are aware of it, would cfa level 2 quant section be a set from which you were asked questions? Or are we expected to go beyond that?

I understand that this is all subjective, and can be a bit much to answer, but your help is greatly appreciated ^^


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Did any of you who got admitted in the first round got a mail from Linda / Berkeley as such about paying the deposit?
Hi how did your interview go? I'm also a Round 1 student, got an invitation today, my interview will be on 3/24. Really worried about it... good luck!


Interviewer was nice and friendly, so u don’t feel like ure being pushed, so it was good in that sense.

It was mainly to get to know u better, so questions based on ure resume and some technicals.

Just revise basics and be clear in concepts you should be good.