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COMPARE UChicago MSFM (70% uition waiver) vs Columbia MSFE

UChicago MSFM (70% tuition waiver) vs Columbia MSFE

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Are there any good reasons as to why it would be better to accept Columbia MSFE over UChicago MSFM with such a good scholarship?
No mate, in my humble opinion, saving 55k from your own money or even more, avoiding 55k on student debt is a huge underrated advantage. In the long run it will pay off. Cheers.
How much does which school you go to affect how many interviews you get? Or, is it more based on the candidates individual qualities that determine if they get the interview?
Chicago is the go to place if you want to work as a trader, so if that is what you want, it's a no brainer.
I think Chicago brand is similar to Columbia, nonetheless you need to have a good profile to get interviews. And 70% tution waiver makes Chicago a MUCH better choice.