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Undergraduate trying to get anaylst position

Hello everyone,

I graduated in September 2011 from SUNY Buffalo with
B.S. Honors in Comp Science (G.P.A 4.0/4.0)
B.A. Honors in Mathematics (G.P.A 4.0/4.0)

During undergraduate i also took accounting, economics and finance courses (I was Finance major before switching to Maths). Took few Graduate MFE courses like Stochastic Processes, Financial Math 1 & 2, Stat etc and have been involved in 3 NSF research( Machine learning and AI modeling). Did some work in Time Series, option pricing etc. Did a study on Arbitrage. Mostly involved in Research during summers and hence no outside intern.

I am applying for MFE for 2012 and want to work in IB or on buy side before going for MFE. How would you recommend i should approach getting job in the field. Should i keep applying using Monster.com and sites like these or is there some better way to secure an interview?

I have sent resumes here and there but have not gotten any interviews yet. Even though i think i can easily get coding job( not related to Finance), i really want to get something related to Financial Modeling as i have lot of interest in the field.

All opinions are welcomed
You can post your resume at: http://www.efinancialcareers.com/ and look for jobs there and apply from there!

Check: http://www.quant-jobs.com/

Check: http://quantster.com/

Check: http://www.quantfinancejobs.com/

Try to go to Networking Events in NYC ... not sure where to find details about all networking events...

If possible, try to contact UB Alumni ... at least for some Informational Interviews...

I am sure other members of Quantnet will have better insight than this...

PS: Maybe at this stage you should be open to Sell-side as well... wouldn't harm IMHO...
I want to work on the buy side after MFE. Want to make models and quant trading strategies.

I know IB is dead for this kind of job but if i get into top MFE can i get a modeling place in a Hedge Fund or something along those lines?