US banks denied Oliver Stone access for Wall Street sequel movie

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone has revealed how US banks refused to co-operate with the making of his Wall Street sequel Money Never Sleeps.

Speaking at the Cannes film Festival, he said: "The big banks were very arrogant, they wouldn't let us in."

He added that it was the Royal Bank of Canada that stepped in and allowed them to film inside its buildings.

The movie, which sees Michael Douglas return as Gordon Gekko, is scheduled for release in September.

"It was interesting that they let us in when whereas the Goldmans of this world locked their doors," he added of the Canadian bank's co-operation.

It is no coincidence that Stone decided to make the film as the world has started to recover from one of the biggest financial crises in recent history.

BBC News - US banks 'denied Oliver Stone access'

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They denied access because they don't like films about immoral people like Gordon Gekko. An American bank like GS or MorganChase would never engage in insider trading or unfairly use inside information. Perish the very thought ....

By the way, how is Gekko going to cope in today's world? I'm sure he never solved a differential equation in his life. Or knows the least bit about high-frequency trading.