What are the chances I get into a top MFE program?

I’m currently studying undergraduate econ at a decent school in the UK and Im quite interested in going for a MFE. Obviously i’m interested for the salary from quant analysts but in general I just hate the idea of going into brainless jobs (which many other jobs are).

My concern is that I have no programming background and only have took the following related modules :
-analysis (for one term only)
-multivariate calculus and the typical econ related math, but nothing super advanced
-mathematical econ(game theory)
- finance (and also more rigourous finance modules next year)

Similar to other UK unis they don’t have flexible electives so i can’t pick advanced stats or coding next year, but if i were to go for an MFE i would go for an online course in C+ and linear algebra over the summer. Maybe a bit more depending on how it goes. i’ll also do the GRE and im confident i won’t run into issues with that.

My question is, what do you guys think my chances are at getting into a top MFE program for 2023? Is there anything extra I should do, or should i take a year after 2023 to grind out more prerequisites?
Pretty sure linear algebra and calculus-based probability are nonnegotiable and likely should not be done in an online format. Any internship experience?

Based on what you've written, I think it will be pretty hard for anyone on here to give you any accurate idea of where you would stand. Look at the tracker here on QN + look at Linkedin profiles of students at programs you like -- this will serve as probably the best indicator of how you stack up.