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What internship should I pursue this summer?

Hey, I'm currently a sophomore Statistics major and Econ minor at a top 15 public school. I have a good amount of coding experience and an internship running the databases and creating algorithms for a small crypto startup my freshman year. I am currently working as a software engineer intern for a private equity and I am looking to switch it up when summer time comes around. My options right now are:

1. To pursue an equity research research internship with a private equity where I can choose to work specifically with the employees who run some quant momentum models and learn some more tradition value investing strategies.

2. To pursue a data science internship that would involve working a bit with the ML team at a software consulting firm.

3. Continue the software engineering role i'm in now throughout the summer.

I would prefer to switch it up over the summer and learn something outside of software engineering, but I would appreciate any advice anyone could give as to what opportunity I should steer towards.
It's usually more beneficial during internships to work at different firms (to get more diversified experiences and can explore what you like to do/how you like the firm benchmarked to others) so I would probably not go with option 3. Option 1 and 2 depends on what your eventual career goal is; for ex. if you want to eventually work as a data scientist then probably go with option 2. Should also factor in the overall reputation of the firm - brand name of the company can help your overall profile if you're thinking of using the internship as a launching pad to your desired career.
Question, do you mean a long-short fund in part 1? I can't really see the connection between quant models and private equity deals. If anyone could shed some light on this, I would be interested.

But anyways. You are pretty young - any of this experience would look good on your resume. Seems like you are way ahead of the curve in terms of CV, I wouldn't overthink it. Do what interests you more.