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Andy Nguyen
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  • Hi Andy,
    I'm a Rutgers MQF student, and am organizing the MQF's First Annual Quant Summit to take place at the NASDAQ MarketSite on January 30th.
    It's my pleasure to invite you to this. Please let me know if you are interested in attending, so that I can send you additional info. Don't hesitate to call me at 513-319-8790 or email at john.iborg@gmail.com if you have any questions.
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    Sounds good. I would like to know more info about it so please go ahead and send me a message in the Inbox. Thanks
    Hi Andy .. I need your help in my profile evaluation and I need few suggestions from you.Can you please give me your mail id to contact you.
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    It would be best to post the questions on the forum and I'll take a look when I have time.
    Andy please could you help?! Its a nightmare navigating the site. Could anyone check for account bugs? Or is it possible to remove membership?
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    You had the same issue before and it resolved itself. Still couldn't find out why yet.
    Do you have matlab code for the paper entitled "Spread option valuation and the fast Fourier transform" written by Dempster and Hong?
    Programming: java, matlab, C/C++. I registered in math sub and gre general next year. my problem is should i pass the CFA 1 on June next year? Is the CFA1 on Dec is too late (deadline of some program has passed)?
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    CFA L1 has nothing with MFE admission. Most programs won't require it.
    Hi Andy, Im a junior student with double major in accounting and math, minor in cs. I plan to apply MFE program next year. Math class: cal1 2 3; linear algebra, ODE, PDE, math model, possibility and statistics(2classes), numerical analysis, Operation research(cover stochastic model),complex variables, real analysis.
    Hello Andy, do you have twitter? I'm trying to follow influential people in the Quant comminity, I would like to be aware of the latest topics in research and careers. Can you recommend someone to follow?
    Hello Andy. I have the same problem with logging and navigating as before. Is there anything wrong with my account again?
    I have some questions that you could tremendously help me with short time, but I prefer talking via emails. Could you tell me your email? ( I can't find your email here.....) Or could you just send your email to minsung.han@gmail.com?
    Hey, Andy. Nice to meet you. I am new here but I can easily tell you've made an awesome website. I am a senior at UC Berkeley double majoring physics and mathematics, and have a plan to applying graduate schools this year. But "which graduate schools?" is the problem.
    Hie Andy i am new to the site and i am based in india currently studying for a BSc in Maths.I would like to go into quantitative analysis after finishing my undergraduate.I'm also writing exams for actuarial science.What is the best thing to do, should i go for a certificate in quantitative finance or should i go and do a MFE?Help me out.
    Hi Andy, I am a math major senior student in Indiana University Bloomington. And I am also an international student from China. I am very interested in MFE. I will finish my undergraduate course on next June. But right now, I am a little bit losing in my future study. Should I just take master in FE or ph.d in FE. I prefer to study in New York for my future study. Could you give some suggestions? Thank you very much.
    Hi Andy, I have a few questions about the C++ course:
    1) Is it possible to accelerate the course, by doing more than the 20 hours per week, thus finishing in a shorter time frame?
    2) What factors impact the decision of who you let on the course, is it oversubscribed?
    3) I'm based in the UK, will timezone be a problem for interacting with the mentors?
    4)Can I buy the materials for the course at a separate price?
    Hello, Andy, I'm new here. I saw you in many threads comparing different MFE program, so I want to know some detail about them. Is CGU worth reading or not? you know, it is quite expensive.
    Hi Andy, how are you? Do you have some paper or information about detailed illustration of ARMAX multiple step prediction? Lots of papers just mentioned this method was used, but no detailed instruction on how to minimize the error.. Is it possible for you to help me? Thanks very much!!
    Hey, how are you. I will be taking the Morgan Stanley Strats and Modeling test next week and need your advice on how to approach programming. the questions would be multiple choice based. Any tips on how to tackle them?
    Andy, I saw the Ranking. Thank you. But The Columbia University Mathematics of Finance Tuition Fee is Wrong !!. I paid 20278 this semester for Tuition alone. Thus it is not 38K anymore.
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    Thank you very much. Can you point me to the link for the new tuition fee so we can update our ranking?
    2011 MFE Ranking will come out on Monday, September 19th
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    If possible also give the statistics for each program that go into calculating the rankings. (like average/median salaries, duration of program, etc). I am sure these statistics will be as useful as the rankings to the prospective students. Thanks.
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