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  • Hi Andy, im a Bsc Financial Mathematics student in South Africa and i went to know want are the requirements for a non-citizen postgrad student to pursue an MFE in any Institution in New York
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    The requirements are the same for every applicant, regardless of immigration status. They are posted on the program's website. See
    Hello. I'm an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student. I scored a 1220 on my GRE (Quant: 750 & Verbal: 470). I want to apply for the Master in Mathematical Finance program at NCSU and similar other programs in Finance at various other universities. Is my score good enough to apply for these programs or should I take the GRE once again? Does work experience help in any way during application?
    Hi Andy!! need ur help! i got admits from Rutgers(MQF) and UNCC( Math Finance). How good is the MQF program at Rutgers? i seem to get different reviews!! and im awaiting gtech (qcf) decision.. but i need to finalize Rutgers before the 25th of march.
    @Andy How good is ms in Finance at University of Maryland. I just got an admit today :) im still waiting to hear from Rutgers and Gtech for the mqf and QCF program repectively.
    Andy - I've noticed a few posts from you on gambling and the application of quantitative strategies. Is that an area of focus/interest to you?

    Hi Andy,
    I hope everything is going well for you. MFE has been my goal since my freshmen year in college. I hope you that you can give me some advices/comments about my profile and tell me whether i stand a chance to get admitted to a good MFE program.

    Undergraduate: Math/Applied Science-Management and Accounting at UCLA, with a specialization in Computing (C++/Java...)
    GPA:3.35(Cumulative)/3.48 Major Upper division Math

    Math: 2 courses in real analysis, 2 courses in numerical analysis, linear algebra, combinatorics, probability theory, mathematical statistics, financial mathematics, Algorithms, PDE...

    CFA Level 2 candidate for june 2011, FRM part 1 in May

    Work Experience:14 months in IT Consulting at Accenture. 1/2 yr in telecommunication (Software QA), currently working for a financial services company (Software Engineer) on investment management for 401k.
    My GPA is lower than the avg in most top MFE programs. I am most concerned with this... :( I appreciate your help!
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