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    COMPARE Stevens MFE or Poly-NYU?

    "Ya it does have a flexible curriculum. But placements wise I just wanted to confirm if NYU Poly is better due to the location and the NYU tag" NYU Poly doesn't have a "NYU" tag. It, fittingly, has a "NYU Poly" tag and "NYU Poly" tag != "NYU" tag. Further, NYU Poly is based in Brook-lyn ( not...
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    Rutgers MSMF Rutgers MSMF or Stevens Institute MFE?

    I would drop "brand-name" factor from my consideration. Rutgers and Stevens are both decent (tier 2) schools and their "street-cred" is almost interchangeable. tier2 = Not NYU, Princeton, Cornell, CMU and the like
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    Help!! Need to decide for full/part time MFE vs. current IT job in trading software firm

    According to my calculation, I can finish it off in about 2 years (including summer classes). The company is paying 25% of the cost, the rest comes out of my pockets.
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    Help!! Need to decide for full/part time MFE vs. current IT job in trading software firm

    My career profile resembles yours a bit and I just started a part-time MFE program. Here is what lead to it. 1. At work, all of the interesting projects were done in the "algorithmic trading space" and I wanted to be a part of it. Unfortunately, I wasn't qualified. I only have a bachelors...
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    Any chance in getting a quant job, or something simliar, with just an undergrad?

    My strategy would be to finish the math degree, learn to program well and get a job as a developer in a financial institution. I would work there for a few years, make some money and contacts. After a year or so, move internally to align my job with my ambitions. Then apply to grad school for a...
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    "Also, it's pretty far away from NYC, so it isn't like firms come running to recruit Rutgers students when the train trip takes an hour and a half, as opposed to 20 minutes up to Columbia or Baruch or just 5 to NYU." Utter crap! You can get to New Brunswick from Penn Station in as little as 45...
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    Hi Tiffy, What's your educational/work background? Assuming that you have taken Calc I before...

    Hi Tiffy, What's your educational/work background? Assuming that you have taken Calc I before and know/can pick up c++, I think you can take the pre-reqs in 2 semesters. Sign up for Calc II and Linear Algebra next semester. Then take Calc based probability (you need calc II for it) and C++...
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    MFE Prerequisite: Neuva York

    Rutgers is often described as a public ivy (ivy league education at public school price) university. Rutger's "Mathematics (16th), Applied Mathematics (21st) and Physics (24th) departments are top 25 in the nation. Also in the 2006 U.S. News & World Report ranking of Computer Science Ph.D...
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    MFE Prerequisite: Neuva York

    "1. It is a private university; they tend to charge higher fees. 2. It is a well know technical university in the area. 3. It has a beautiful campus and good faculty." Notwithstanding the mentioned attributes, $1000/credit is a bit rich. Particularly when Rutgers is clearly better in 2 and 3...
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    MFE Prerequisite: Neuva York

    Thx, it's quite possible that I am looking at the wrong place or perhaps the Fall course schedule for Baruch/Hunter has yet to be updated. Would like to avoid NYU/Columbia for the obvious monetary reasons. Digressing a bit but what makes Stevens Institute of Tech warrant $1000 per credit.
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    MFE Prerequisite: Neuva York

    Hi Guys, A bit of help. Where can I take the Calculus based probability course in Manhattan? Unless I am mistaken, it's not being offered at Baruch or Hunter in Fall. Cheers, Vic
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    Average salaries for quants

    "That is why patriotism, like religion, is an absolutist notion and a dangerous one at that. " Ah, I respectfully disagree! "Chauvinism" and "Fanaticism" are dangerous notions. "Patriotism" and "Religion", I would argue, are essential for the well being of a society.
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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    "For my part, I have to "dumb down" both my vocabulary and my ideas for American listeners." Very curious indeed! Are you of the notion that superior vocabulary indicates "smartness"? Also, how do you "dumb down" ideas? In my book being articulate isn't a function of esoteric vocabulary but...
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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    "In my opinion, before any level of technical expertise, or costs saved on salaries can come into play, I believe that those that would find positions in such technical and INDISPENSABLE areas of work such as running the models that predict a VAST portion of decision making for firms large and...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    haha, it's funny, I laughed. :)