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2011 IAFE Career Fair (Friday 10/28)

Linky The National Financial Mathematics Career Fair


To register, you must meet all of the following criteria:

Full-time students only;
Currently enrolled in the specified degree program at one of the participating schools;
Graduating before September 1, 2012; and
Not an alumnus/alumna, not a recent graduate.
If you register but do not meet all of these conditions, you will not be in the Resume Book and cannot attend the event.


Quant Headhunter
I saw the criteria for attendance, and they look unreasonably stiff.

Last time P&D ran a careers fair, we optimised with respect to people from whom it would be useful, and if one of my guys had come up with rules like that I'd have just stared at him until he quit.
Curious to see Ernst & Young listed twice (obviously a typo.)

Also noteworthy: the omission of companies which used to recruit there in the past: e.g., Barclays, Blackrock, and others.

And annoying: the proliferation of headhunters on this list.
Well, I guess I attended way-way-way back. Around 2005, the companies I mentioned above were certainly present at the event.
I participated in the 2006 edition of national financial mathematics job fair.

I did not have an interview secured beforehand but like everyone else, lined up and patiently waited for my turn to talk to each financial firm's representative.

The firms that I remember talking to were Goldman, BNP Paribas, Fannie Mae, Citadel and a few prop trading firms. With Citadel, I had an quick impromptu semi-interview. Although I did not secured a post-fair interview with them, did come away with some new valuable insights after the few minutes of chat.

On of the interesting things about the fair is that you get to meet people from various programs, you name it, almost all the programs were represented there: Boston Mathematical Finance, CMU MSCF, Cornel ORIE, Berkeley MFE, Baruch MFE, Poly MFE. Exchanged emails with a few students from other programs afterwards.

I did bring with me a color portfolio of various projects I did; it created good deal of interest.