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MIT MFin 2013 MIT MFin Interview Invites (For the class Entering Summer 2013)

Andy Nguyen

Andy I truly understand the importance of the Tracker as a prospective applicant and am updating it right now. I DEDICATE this admit to Andy and Quantnet.
MIT MFin has the largest application number (1441) last year among MFE programs so there is no reason it should not have more entries in the Tracker. It's still behind 5 other programs in term of tracker numbers.
A lot of people in this thread still haven't added an entry. Please consider doing so. It helps A LOT of people.


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I got Waiting List for MIT MFin and was asked to have a waitlist chat. Does anyone know what the waitlist chat is like?


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Studied in Singapore, non-technical undergraduate. CFA Charterholder, 4.5 years of experience (rates trading then hedge fund). Took math courses from UChicago last year.


Cannot compare to that. You deserve to be admitted with that profile.

I'd like to know people who gave an interview and still got rejected.


Any lists like this list available for the Summer 2013 batch?

2010 admits for mit mfin:
American University in Bulgaria
Athens University of Economics
Bogazici University
Brown (4)
Cornell (2)
Davidson College
Duke University
Fudan (4)
George Washington University
Georgia Tech (2)
Harvard (3)
Hong Kong Uni. of Sci. & Tech. (2)
IIT (3)
Illinois Institute of Technology
ITAM (2)
Johns Hopkins
MIT (2)
McGill (2)
Nanyang Tech University (2)
National Chengchi University
National University of Singapore (2)
Northwestern University
Norwegian Sch. of Econ. and BA
Ohio State University
Peking University (3)
Pontificia Catholic U. (2)
Queen's University
The University of Hong Kong
The University of Illinois
Tsinghua University (3)
Tufts University
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC San Diego
Universidad Catolica de Chile
University of Auckland
University of British Columbia
University of Cambridge
University of Chicago (2)
University of Hong Kong
University of Iceland
University of Leeds
University Of Maryland
University of Michigan (2)
University of Paris I
University of St. Gallen (HSG)
University of Texas at Austin
University of Toronto
University of Virginia
University of Warwick
University of Waterloo
Zhejiang University (3)


It is amazing that ITAM is in the list. Is the university I studied my BS here in Mexico and it just has about 5,000 students. Apparently we have got good reputation :)


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To those of you who got waitlisted or dinged after your interview, did you feel that the interview did not go well?


I felt the interview went fine. I was asked about a weakness on my application and had a chance to write a follow-up explanation that was included with my profile. I think several other people were asked the same.


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I felt like my interview went well too. I got a three "C"s, which I was asked about, but I had written an optional essay explaining them. I am not really sure what to make of that. I would have thought the post-interview evaluation would be completed based on fit, but I guess not.


Even I felt my interview went well but I got rejected. I don't know how much weight is put on the interview. However, my interviewer asked me quite basic questions: goals, why mit, etc. No behavioral. So I assume, there is less weightage on the interview.


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That has me worried...

My interviewer also asked me the basic questions, but also some behavioral ones (e.g. "Tell me about a time where you successfully handled conflict.").


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kks - The admission process is scary... I never expected to get invited to the interview. Have mine next week! :P Besides the ones mentioned on the wiki could you list the questions that were asked? (both behavioral and traditional)?

PNike - all the questions you were asked were basic? :S as in, where do you want to work etc?


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The wait is a killer!

I completely agree! US schools should move towards only having rolling admissions, like European schools have. As an American, I am amazed at how archaic our system is.

Only 26 more days...


My advice is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Research the other schools you applied to, get yourself excited about the possibility of going there instead. You're likely to get more money than MIT, the competition may not be so cut-throat. I was devastated when I found out I was wait-listed at MIT and then I actually looked more in-depth into my second option, where I was admitted. Then I realized not getting into MIT was not the end of the world. There are other really great programs out there.