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Imperial MathFin Admissions deadline for Imperial MathFin

Hello everyone, just wondering if anybody here is familiar with Imperial's admission process? They don't seem to have an admission deadline and they indicate on the website that they will stop admitting students once they have reached capacity. I emailed the admission office to ask about whether it'd be safe to apply by December 31, 2023. They responded to me with a simple "please apply as early as possible."

May I please ask if anybody here has better insights into Imperial's admission process? Would it be safe to submit my application before December 31? Thank you so much?
It's a rolling deadline but admissions usually close by April so you should ideally apply before February.
Thanks! I submitted my application with all reference letters by January 29. I hope that wasnt too late.
Don't worry, I submitted around the same time as you in 2023. I think I heard back by 9th of March or around that with an offer.
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