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I am looking to enrol on the course but am wondering what level of math is assumed? I would regard myself as an advanced beginner / intermediate C++ programmer and have also passed CFA Level 1 but have not studied much math beyond this.



Daniel Duffy

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Not all that much maths is needed as such with the possible exception of Module 9 (a bit on partial derivatives and trigonometric functions). Actually, understanding the notation so that you can progam it in C++ is key.


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Would you be considered an advanced C++ programmer after completing this certificate?

Intermediate. What I should also say is that the course does the essential _must_have_ fundamentals as well. The _nice_to_have stuff will fit in as you progress.

(with a number of advanced topics you won't find elsewhere).

Program like mad on challenging projects :)

Have fun with C++


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Thanks for your reply. Would level is the course set at? (1st, 2nd, 3rd year undergrad etc)

Daniel Duffy

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Haha I meant more in terms of the difficulty of the academic content
I was being serious:) C++ is a good mental challenge.

It's hard to say. Why do you want to know?

edit: academic content? I guess Monte Carlo, PDE/FDM, lattice models.
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