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Do not deal with Intrinio

Dear Quants,

I do not recommend to use the SEC filings data from Intrinio, there are a lot of mistakes and some data is missed.

Save your time and money.

I've actually found their team and their service to be awesome... When I found mistakes in their data, I contacted them and they responded immediately, and resolved issues soon after. Did you contact them, talk with Joey etc?
I am glad that you find this service useful for you. But they fix only the issues which you post to them. This does not mean that they fix everything.

Yes, the trade decisions are altered.
You can start with the basic validation. For example, if you try ABS(dilutedeps) > 1000 you will see that some companies have millions USD PER SHARE. Then if you look into NULL numbers in the dataset you will find out that a lot of important tags are missed even for major companies.