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Equity Research Reports

Obviously the big IBs aren't inclined to release their reports to the public, but after a few minutes of googling I found some research disclosure on Credit Suisse's website.

Does anyone know about somewhere I can access more in depth research reports-- I couldn't find anything other than Credit Suisse...
If you have access to a Bloomberg terminal, Thomson 1, Factset etc some banks allow free access to their research (or if you know someone who is a client of said bank who has access if it is locked).

Otherwise, check with your brokerage - if you are a client of TD, UBS etc you can often access some of their research through your account
(eg. Check online or speak to your broker)

Barring this, yahoo finance posts selected daily and historical research reports available to the public for a fee. You can search by ticker->research reports -> view all reports -> brokerage reports

I would strongly advise against contacting the bank/analyst directly.
Some of these reports can be found online or requested by non-clients
BAC-Merrill Lynch - Savita Subramanian
Deutsche Bank - Yin Luo*
Credit Suisse - Pankaj Patel
Barclay's - Matthew Rothman
HSBC - Ely Klepfish*
Goldman Sachs - Quantitative Strategies

Hussman Funds - John Hussman*
Emanuel Derman's collection of papers

Sell Side
Macquarie Quant - Venkat Eleswarapu
Bernstein Research - Vadim Zlotnikov
Nomura - Joe Mezrich
JPMorgan Investment Strategies series

CXO Advisory
Empirical Finance Blog

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