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Baruch MFE Fall 2009 Application queries

I have few questions regarding 2009 fall admission-

1. I am planning to do the online math and statistics pre program course offered by University of California,Berkeley. I am thinking this will improve my chances of admission.( I am applying only in Baruch and is planning to do the course as part time). But if I wait to complete this course, it will be too close to the application deadline in April. Is there any advantage in applying early? Should I wait to complete this course or submit my application right away?

2. I am currently working for a global software service company, and is involved in a project with one of the leading investment banks in New York. Can I get the recommendation letter from my client?
1. I think you can apply sooner and say that you are enrolled in the course now.

2. As long as they are willing to write it, seems like a good thing.
MSQF at Fordham


Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to get into this program. Is a GMAT of 620(46Q 30V) good enough ?, 3 years work experience in Information Technology working with Financial clients in the US

hey, I just ran into a problem. when I signed on to the online Baruch application, I noticed that my recommendations that were submitted are not there anymore. When I look back to the email I received, it says that the recommendations were sent for the year 2008, where now the application is for 2009. I thought the application was for 2009 when my professors submitted the recommendations in late November. is there a way to retrieve the letters? My professors are away cannot resubmit the letters.
awesome that worked. but if i submit it through the 2008 application page, will it be okay for fall 2009 admissions?
1. I think you can apply sooner and say that you are enrolled in the course now.

2. As long as they are willing to write it, seems like a good thing.

I concur with both pieces of advice.
My understanding is that the system will redirect you to the latest version regardless of when you submit it. If you applied in 2008, you can either use the 2009 version or go back to 2008 version to complete some missing steps. Once you are in the system, you are ok.

This should work, indeed. If you need further help, you can send an email to baruch.mfe@gmail.com

I have been working in the U.S. for the past 3 years. I am planning to take the MFE course as a part time student. Do I need to submit TOEFL score with my application?