Football season

We expect nothing less from the "Dream Team" Eagles.
I guess I will take solace on the fact that my underdog team is going to the second Superbowl the last 4 years ;)

*Grumble mumble*...if the Eagles won one moar game in the regular season, your steenkin giants wouldn't have even been here >.>...but when his ass is on the line, Coughlin delivers rings...and Andy's just slightly better than passable and we get stuck with this LOLrus another season.

Why can't we get a Harbaugh-like coach :(


Math Student
So, less than a month before the NFL playoffs. What are everyone's thoughts?

I may be a tad biased, but after last week's dismantling of the Texans, I don't see how anyone can deny that the Pats are the top team in the AFC (possibly even the entire league.) Tomorrow's game against the 49ers will be another big test.

Could we see another Giants vs Pats Superbowl, for the 3rd time in 5 years?


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That would be epic, especially if the result is the same ;)

If Welker, Hernandez, and Branch don't drop passes at crucial points in the game like they did last time, and if Gronkowski is healthy, I don't see the same result being repeated.

We finally have a decent defense.