Football season

As for the 'stories' you've heard, I'm sure they go both ways and there's no doubt facts tend to get skewed coming down the grapevine

I think the British pub near Fenway used to have a sign on their website saying no Yankees gear in the pub.

I don't remember any trouble though when I lived in Boston.


Math Student
I can't believe New England lost to Buffalo. What's more surprising is Brady throwing 3 INTs. WTF!?!?


Ting Ting
The Pats defense is horrible.

Sanket Patel

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Brady throwing four picks is a fluke. I guarantee the Patriots will make an example of the Bills on January 1st.


Math Student
That's right, it was 4 picks - not 3.

I hope Hernandez returns soon, but I heard he might be out 4-6 weeks.
Giants had a very good game to be honest. True Vick got injured but I don't think this influenced the game a lot. Brady and the interceptions...I remember his season in 2007 I think when he was doing magical stuff with Randy Moss