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How to become a Portfolio manager/Fund manager?

Hope Everyone is doing Great.

Background - I'm from India. I have completed 4 yr of engineering. I have a huge interest in working in Financial markets and started a position as an equity dealer.
Career Down the Line - Want to become a Portfolio manager / Hedge fund manager?
  • How should I approach my career path?
  • Master in finance/ Master in financial engineering / CFA with 2 yr work-ex / MBA with work ex / any other master?
  • What skills i should start learning and increasing my knowledge?
Thank you in advance.
The prerequisite for portfolio management is usually some sort of live trade record, and the prerequisite is having some of your own alpha. So it boils down to some of these points.
1. understand what drive risk and return of your asset classes
2. how would you implement your idea
3. decide what your unique insight is
4. how do you maintain your moat

Most of them probably come from your experience interacting with the market and data. Education like MFE can give you some tools to get started. If you want to be in the quant space, MBA and CFA are useless.