Hurricane Irene

Just a heads up that NYC will shut down mass transits on Saturday beginning at noon.

With Hurricane Irene pushing relentlessly toward the East Coast, officials made plans to shut down New York City’s sprawling subway and bus system beginning at noon on Saturday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said.

The commuter rail lines that serve Long Island, Westchester County and Connecticut will also be shut down.
I was just ordered to evacuate (I live in Battery park). Guess where my shelter is: Baruch College!!!
Dan, I told you it was serious...
Looks like Baruch will be one of the shelters for Manhattan people in Zone A. Quantlab will be my shelter if I can't find another place. It will be open, right?
i live in fairview newjersey. i don't even know whether i should head down to philly right now or not. my dog has been staring at the clouds for the past hour. a bad omen perhaps?
Thankfully I am far enough in-land that the storm surge won't be a problem. We moved all the garden furniture inside, stuck the vehicles in the garage and took the advise of the folks down in LA - invested in a decent bottle of Bourbon.
If the power holds out we have some TV shows from the UK on NetFlix to watch as well.

No evacuations so far as I can see in CT.

Everyone stay safe!


Psychic in Training
I have no idea what people get all worked up about. If you don't live in the 'Jersey lowlands you'll be fine... It's a level 1 hurricane, by the time it reaches NYC it'll only be a tropical storm.

I'm going to Quantlab in about an hour. I hope they let me in so I can watch the fireworks with a nice view of the empire state building... :P
Why would you want to be in quantlab during a hurricane? Right now they are using it as a safe haven for the people of NewYork.


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yeah, not even faculty allowed to enter :(

Quantlab is a corner office on Lexington ave. with two walls made of windows - it makes for a great show in a storm ;)