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MIT MFin MIT MFin Round 1 Decisions


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So today is the day that MIT releases its decisions for round I applicants. If their procedures for decision release are similar to those for their round I MBAs last monday, applicants will receive an email after 5:00PM ET with the decision. With this information I hope would save applicants from refreshing their inboxes or checking their phones once every 5 minutes before 5PM.

There are quite a number of MIT applications tracked in the tracker already. With the growing popularity of the MIT program, the number of round I applicants alone could possibly surpass the 950 total last year. So good luck to everyone!

While waiting, I want to share this link for the video of a recent MIT alumni event, where professor Andrew Lo speaks about behavioral finance vs quant finance (and its resemblance to physics). It's humurous, entertaining, and intellectually enlightening:



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The school just sent out an email saying that results are available for you to check online. Good luck!


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Hi @PennyLess

Are you planning to or has already accepted the MIT offer? If so, I would love to keep in touch with you.
If you would like, please send me a private message on this forum or can look me up on the Admit photobook for contact details.