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New Quantnet members say hi

Hello everyone.

I'm an undergraduate economics major currently debating whether or not I want to go into academia or industry. The former would involve a PhD in econ (or maybe finance), the latter some kind of masters' degree.
Hi everyone,

Found this forum when I was "researching" on MFE/MFin programs. I am currently a final year mathematics student, and planning to apply to some MFE programs. Interested in quantitative finance since the stochastic finance subject I took during my second year, and learnt on my own since then, relying on several "standard" texts such as Hull, Shreve, Oksendal etc. Instead of taking up a programming course in my university (they don't offer introductory C++ at all, strangely), I learnt VBA on my own, and recently started (a little) on C++. It's great to know that there is an active community for quants/prospective quants here!
Hello, I started my MFE degree and will be taking a lot of refresher courses this semester. My background is in finance and math. I've been working for several years so my math is a little hazy which is why I've been asked to take one semester of refresher courses in probability, statistics, calculus, etc.. I hope to learn a lot from this community.
Looks like no one's introduced themselves here in a while, so I'll re-ignite the thread. Came across this forum while doing some research on MFE programs. I'm looking to apply for an MFE program next year and am looking forward to some good information on programs and about the field in general.

I majored in EE during undergrad and have always been interested in Math. My interest in quantitative finance lies in all the math and programming that's involved. I currently work in the tech industry (networking specifically) and hope to get to know you guys and learn some more!

I've been on the forum for a while now and think you guys do a great job getting information across.
Hi everyone. I am an Engineer having 2 years IT work experience and 1 year Equity Research experience.

My interest lies in all the maths and programming.
Hello everyone. I'm Jacek from Poland, after obtaining a BSc in Applied Math this year I started a 2-year Msc programme in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at AGH Univeristy of Science and Technology in Cracow (graduating in 2013). My main areas of interest are Stochastic Calculus, Statistics and their applications, but I'm far from finding other fields of mathematics boring. Currently I'm also participating in a small quant research project, where Im developing and testing algorithmic trading strategies for futures markets. My experience also includes a summer internship in a leading Polish asset management firm, during which I created some VBA tools for IR derivatives analysis.

My main motivation for joining the forum was to find out what career possibilities do I have with Polish academic background, but I'm always willing to enter a discussion on interesting math/programming/finance matters as well.
Hi all,
I'm Corzmentini (nom de plume) from the UK. Currently on my PhD in Computing. Been around this forum for a few years now; just decided to formally join now ;).
I'd be looking for possible collaborators for quant finance projects and research - with publication(s) in focus (y)
Don't get me wrong, I'm a newbie in this field but I reckon using the above strategy will be a good way to break into and stand out from a group of newbies:cool:
Hi there ! Steve from mainland, China :)
I'm a student in my last year of B.S Degree in Applied Math in a top-tier college here, and I have decided to apply for an Operation Research program ( or MFE better ) in U.S or H.K. Good at probability,stat and stochastic system and trying to finish my graduation design of queuing theory this semester ( so I can get a break = = ).
Occasionally came into this website last week and thought I can get a little bit more information outside the Internet "Great Wall" :p
I'd like to focus on GradSchool education chat and career path comments.
( PS: I'm really willing to help anyone of you to learn a little bit more about my country :cool: and you can help me? )
Hello everyone ! :)
Achraf from Texas, but I will move to New Jersey next week.
I just finished a BS in math and enrolled in classes @ Stevens MFE (Spring'2012).
I have been visiting quantnet for years but just joined today as a member.(y)
Also, I have been following the posts on Facebook ( Andy! I would like to attend any future events so I was wondering if everyone get invited via Facebook or is there a formal way of doing it?)
Like everyone else in here, I am very passionate about the field ( I have always liked math & finance before I even knew they merged):p . So, I know I am in for a long journey and I sure am enjoying it ;)
Hello everyone! I'm new to Quantnet and. I'm from Bolivia and got interested in quantitative finance not long ago. However in my country, the market is so undeveloped... So my chances here to develop this area are almost 0 :/ ...googling about quantitative finance and careers related, I found this network, which I found very interesting since the tips provided by applicants and practitioners are very useful to start a career. Some people (Andy Nguyen and bullion) helped me solving some doubts. But those weren't all the doubts I have since I want to be well prepared to jump into the field (if that happens)...
Hello everyone! I joined the quantnet community three weeks ago and now I know a lot more about MFE. I applied to a few programs.
I am still hesitating whether to enter the buy side or the sell side of the industry. I will keep exploring. Now I am honing my C++ programming skills in finance (in college I took 1 software design class). If you are a new learner and wish to have a study partner, please let me know.
Hi everyone,

I am Gan Yu from mainland China. I was admitted to Baruch MFE in March this year. But due to my late graduation date, I deferred my admission to 2013 Fall so that I will not miss any refresher seminars.

This year, I plan to improve myself in programming and make myself more prepared for the MFE program.

I find this community quite rich in all kinds of information on MFE programs and quant jobs. I hope to learn from members here and share my own knowledge and experience with you all.;)
Hi everyone, I used to work for a prop shop who specialized in Asian index options AMM; am now running a firm specializing in cross volatility, futures term convergence.

Happy holidays all!
Hi my name is Lindizwi H Dhlamini(known as Mr L). I am a South African. I would like to first thank everyone for posting comments. I have learn a lot from reading the comments and gain an interest in this field of Quants. I would like to know how can I increase the chance of being accepted to the MFE programme that is advertise here. I have completed a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics and Statistics in University of KwaZulu-Natal (in South Africa). Today I have just been informed that I have passed all the modules in B.Sc Honours in Applied Mathematics(in UKZN) including the the Honours project(my honours project topic was : Pricing American Options ).I planned next year to do my Masters in UKZN.The reason is I only did one module in which was Introduction to Financial Mathematics at my Undergraduate .Now I am so interested in this field I want to learn almost anything I can be well-rounded .That is why I think it better if I first do my M.Sc then apply for an MFE course.But now what mark should I target at MSc and also how can I apply for for funding on that side.Any comment is welcome to say if there is a better way to get to MFE that could be better than the planned I have is welcome.And also can someone tell what does it means of 2:1 ration of pass here in South Africa we use symbols as follows A: 75-100%, B:70-74% , C : 60-69% D : 50-59% then any thing below 50% is a fail in university or the following way is used
00-49 % Fail 50-59 % Pass Third class , 60-69 % Pass second class (Lower division) , 70-74% PAss Second Class(upper Division) , 75 and above (Pass-First class)
Suddenly found I didn't introduce myself yet.
I got my admission form 2013 fall Baruch MFE a few weeks ago. Before that I was an MBA from Peking University. I used to work in Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation for several years and also in Apple for a short period.

Thanks Andy for this wonderful website. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the members!
Hello ,
I ma newbie here ..Happy to be on this board .Just want to say hello to all members here.
Hi, nice to meet you all!
I've been a lurker here, but I've never said hello.

I'm currently a junior at Rutgers majoring in Engineering and Mathematics.
Hi! I'm a physics undergraduate student at Spain. I'm here in order to gather some not-naive information about what a quantitative analyst is and everything related. Mainly because I don't want to take a decision (such as pursuing a career as a "quant") merely from outdated internet posts and a bunch of personal opinions. See you all, thanks for this great site.