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Online Quantitative Degrees

Hello all,

A bit about me: completed a quantitative degree at a world top 30 uni (in my major) and was probably in the top 15-20% or so of my degree grades wise (even accounting for my first year which I badly stuffed around in). I just recently accepted a role at a mid tier company doing consulting/advisory (somewhat quantitative role such as data analytics, risk management).

Are there any online quantitative degrees I can pursue while working full time? Due to financial circumstances, I don't think it'd be ideal for me to forgo a salary for 1-2 years (particularly to travel internationally and pay a lot of money to rent near a good university with good industry connection). Given this, I think an online program from a reputable university would suit me well.

Currently, I have only been able to find the following two:
Columbia (CVN) - Operations Research: Methods in Finance
Imperial College London - Machine Learning and Data Science

I understand that the two programs are very different, after a year or so of working I will likely decide which route I'd prefer to take.

Is anyone else very aware of programs offered by high ranking universities? I understand that rankings are not everything, however given I am not in the US or UK I would like to do it at a university with an international brand name and high academic standards + entry requirements.

My alternative is completing a local program in FE/Data Science/Stats however they would take up to 4 years and as such would likely make it difficult for me to move around between positions in the meantime.

I would like to find myself in a role similar to my own now in a big investment bank or consulting firm. I don't have a big interest in things such as trading, I would rather a decently quantitative role with interpersonal & client relationships.

Does anyone have any advice regarding this?

Is it even relevant to complete a masters degree in such an area to not aim for hard core trading/quant/data science?
Would 2-3 years experience be considered a negative if I am applying to Graduate roles towards the end of the online degree?
Columbia and Stanford have online programs in statistics and CS. University of Washington mfe is online. They have an applied math masters online as well. Berkeley has online data science. Gtech has online CS.