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Possibilities of RA-ship in quantitative finance

Hi all

Are there any RA-ship opportunities at universities in quantitative finance as is the case with other engineering streams... If there are, how much good do they do in terms of providing you an industry standard exposure?

Jose T

Rutgers MSMF
Not that I know of anything, but you might look for research assistantships in Economics, Finance, Math, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Operations Research, etc. and target a particular Professor whose work you know and who is currently working on mathematical finance / financial engineering research.

However, it might be that this is just too specialized to be able to be a research assistant who only does quantitative finance stuff.

For experience, academic experience probably won't provide you with exposure to industry standards; but the right type of research (if you can get an idea of what is hot in quantitative finance) would probably be considered good experience because a lot of the 'math' type jobs in finance seem to like academic people.
Georgia Tech offers Graduate Assitantships. That can be either working for a prof doing research or grading papers. Additionally a few schools offer fellowships where you get money but you don't even have to work! Check out post number 7 here: https://www.quantnet.com/threads/scholarship-options-for-international-students.9257/#post-87467

That sums up what schools offer with admission. Once you get to campus you can email and talk to profs about being an RA or TA. I ended up with a fellowship at CGU then after being on campus for a semester started to help an econ professor out as an RA. The next year I worked as a TA for a financial derivatives course.