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Prof. Salih Neftci (1947-2009)

Bastian Gross

German Mathquant
I tried to write a farewell to Professor Neftci a couple of times last week but just could not get my feelings to paper. All of us at Baruch have great memories of Dr. Neftci, in and out of the classroom and we are grateful that he took time out of his busy schedule to teach at CUNY. Well done professor, may you rest in peace and condolences to your family. Gus Tsahas
it is sad to hear Professor Neftci left us. i was a student of Professor Neftci many many years ago when he taught a class at NYU. since then, we have been good friends. .... Professor Neftci was one of the greatest persons i have ever met in this country..... we all miss you!
i am sad to hear a fellow quant and intriguing contributor to finance is no longer with us i have read some of his book and will complete it soon it is people like the professor who keep the torch flaming in this embarricle way to universal enlightment in mathematics may peace be with his soul