Hi Quantnet! I am here after >4 years because in my previous post I was simply in the middle of chaos and felt stranded. However, now I have a better hold of things.

GPA: 2.98/4 (71%) (Tier 2 University)
GRE: 322 (Q-166,V-156, AWA-4 expected) <Willing to retake>
Work Ex: 22 months Full Time (Top Investment Bank in Derivatives asset class) + 6 months internship (Data Science 4 months + Dev Ops 2 months)
Bunch of extra curriculars in Social Entrepreneurship for 3 yrs of college and held position of responsibilities (reason for low GPA as first 3 off the 5 years I was invested in the projects).

I know my GPA isn't the best, BUT

- It was a 5 yr dual degree course, BTech specialization Computer Science and MBA in Business Analytics.
- Covered 22 subjects which specially focused on programming (C, C++, Python, Java and SAS), maths (all pre-requisites), Stats (all pre-requisites) and Analytics (Financial and Econometrics)!
- Scored 84% in the 22 subjects, an A+ grade (have percentage letter to prove that).
- Can arrange for 3A 1P LORs
- Increased CGPA over the years and received 3.54 and 3.88 in my final two semesters!

I have some questions:-

- Can I target the Top Universities in US for MFE? If yes, then which ones will be the best?
- Is it prudent to retake GRE if I'm confident on Q 170?
- Will I be able to turn around my CGPA in SOP?

I am targeting Fall 23 and would be EXTREMELY helpful to get some insights!