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Profile Evaluation

Graduated from University of Maryland in Finance.
GPA: 3.3 (Failed Calc 3 as an elective due to RSV)
Internship: 2 wealth management internship at boutique firms
GRE: 165Q, 160V

All of my classes from undergrad are in finance, economics and accounting. I have taken Calc 1&2, Stats course. Would you recommend to take a drop year and complete all prerequisites like Calculus based Probability, Python, C++, Linear Algebra or grind for two months and finish them applying for programs that have March deadline for 2023?
Hi my background is the same as yours. I am also a finance major. I had all prerequisite except PDE through my school and online courses. I still took a gap year and took more advanced courses and apply this year. But I think you can still try this year and see the gap between the program requirement and your profile.