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SMU MQF (Singapore)

Bunch of us from the 1st batch of Singapore Management University's MQF are looking for others who have applied or admitted into the programme. Do drop me a PM if you're keen to connect with us.

kb All the best in your upcoming program! I left Singapore last year to join the Rutgers MQF program on a part-time basis, but I'm glad we have more quant programs now in Singapore. I certainly hope the supply will help boost the demand :)

Just had a quick look at the syllabus. I like how the programming (I'm assuming C++) and numerical analysis components are combined and focused on practical applications. And also how every module is selected to help you prepare for a role in a quant team (or, judging by some of the electives, to help you develop your own trading strategy). Sounds like an interesting year ahead for you!
Thanks dazzwater. Since the program is new, I intend to write about the education experience during and post program. More information is definitely needed on MFEs in Asia.

Kb, could you share some information about this program with us? I read the website that this new program by SMU leads to a joint degree awarded jointly by SMU and CASS BUSINESS SCHOOL. I know that CASS BUSINESS SCHOOL also has a master of quantitative finance program, which is quite successful in the UK. Do you think that the joint degree will give more advantages? Besides, I find the curriculum in CASS' program is almost the same with the one in SMU, and students from SMU MQF will spend the whole semester in CASS to finish 5 courses. Do you know whether the students from SMU MQF will attend the courses together with the students from CASS MQF for that 5 courses?
As you rightly pointed out, the program results in a jointly awarded master degree by both SMU and Cass Business School.

An obvious advantage of the program is that we get to study in the hearts of two financial hubs, which helps with the networking. As a former undergraduate from SMU, I have experienced first-hand the excellent connections and ties that the school has with Singapore's finance industry. The school has an excellent career services office and staff members. Even before the program starts, I had the opportunity to sit in a seminar by a quantitative equity research director from Citigroup. Overall, I have been quite impressed and the program hasn't even started yet!

On your other question, students from SMU will attend modules together with their counterparts from Cass in the 2nd trimester (4-5 modules). During your time there, you will have full access to their career placement services.

Happy to help although always take everything with a pinch of salt! I could be biased after all. :cool:

Never assume. You will be setting yourself for a lot of pain.
I'm already in the Rutgers MQF program. Here we have classes with projects in C++, Matlab, and R. No pain!

I'm aiming for a quant developer role in the tri-state area so all these languages will be useful to me, but I imagine (another assumption here) Matlab would be sufficient for a typical quant role in Singapore.
Hi fewkb
I am going to join the SMU MQF programme. Do you have any idea on when the course program commence in Sep'1 and also when would the prep classes be taken if any..Pls give ur contact number so that I can contact u