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The Master Happy Birthday thread

Thanks everyone! I'm so lucky to have been part of such a group and to have met such good friends and future bosses.
Happy Birthday Professor Kosygina

I am told today is Professor Kosygina's birthday so everyone join me in wishing her a happy birthday and many more!:cheers::birthday:
Happy birthday Professor Kosygina! Thank you for everything, and enjoy your time in France.
Bon voyage!

ps. "almost surely" == "presque sûrement" ;)
Happy Birthday!!

Professor, your courses were tough, very tough; but we will always remember how much efforts that you put into teaching us and helping us!! Thank you for everything and happy birthday!!:tiphat: And.... enjoy your trip in France!!!;)
best of wishes, Dear Professor.
Your classes are definitely among the toughest and yet are some of the most rewarding ones.