Transitioning From Software Developer To Quant Developer

I mathematic background with a 2-year college diploma in Mathematics. I have been working as a Software Developer for over 9 years using Java, Scala, little C++ developing in FinTech Industry. without little or no knowledge of Finance. I will like to switch my career to a Quant developer. I intend to take 6-month Certificates in Quantitative Finance CQF from course to jump-start my career in Quant space. I will need advice regarding a quant developer career. How to transit from Software developer to Quant developer.
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Shouldn't be difficult. You just need your resume to look like a quant's resume not a software dev's resume.
Yes, CQF will definitely help sharpen your understanding of the kind of models, algorithm and infrastructure you will handle.
Most importantly, soon as your knowledge of the Finance space grows(via CQF), reach out to industry participants and try working on personal projects similar to what they do in the industry.