COMPARE UChicago Financial Mathematics VS MIT Master in Finance

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Your saying banks as if they are such bad things. Buy side isn’t everything, some people wish to stay on the sell side. Goldman Sachs qis is an example of a very prestigious banking position. Just make the best of your opportunity and you’ll end up where you want, simple.
Banks bad? Of course not mate! If I misled you in such a way then my apologies. I'm spending hours talking about buy-side positions because the thread holder wants a hedge fund job. Hedge funds, not banks. As for general quant jobs, I have no preference personally.


First of all, the salary has huge bias towards trading jobs. The bonus can be acually higher than the base for a good year. I would say the salary might not be a very trustable figure to consider across all programs. The big banks have higher base, but limited bonus. However, trading firms have lower base, but unlimited bonus as up side. No one asked any corporate finance questions during a quant interview. MIT program is not as quantitative as UChicago FinMath program. So if you want to do corporate finance/ investment banking, MIT program might be a better choice.
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I’m gonna do a mit and uchicago comparison tomorrow so look out for that since many people have been asking me for that.
Excuse me, but... did you do such comparisson you mentioned before? If you did, I'd pretty much like to see it.