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UChicago MSFM or Columbia MAFN

UChicago MSFM or Columbia MAFN?

  • UChicago MSFM

  • Columbia MAFN

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I was recently admitted to both and am completely torn. Given similar career statistics (placement rate, starting salary, and job title) and my relative indifference between NY and Chicago, which should I choose? Here are some factors that I find important:

1. Cost: I received a 30% scholarship from UChicago, making the difference in tuition around $35k. I could cover that difference, but I would rather save the money of course.
2. Ranking: Columbia has both a better overall and a better quantitative finance ranking, although both are excellent.
3. Career resources: I do not have full-time work experience, so having supportive career development staff is important (even if the aforementioned final statistics are comparable).
4. Curriculum: Coming from a theoretical math background, I would prefer courses that are more applied.
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