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Is it common or uncommon to have an MBA degree plus an MSFE (or MSOR) degree? Would having both help you get a better job and a better career (and a better pay)? And is it redundant to have both?
I did an MBA and an MSFE together right out of undergrad. Looking back I have mixed feelings. I got a large fellowship via the MBA program so that helped a lot. I also worked really hard and completed the dual degree program in 2 years instead of the usual three. That being said, today when I examine it I feel like I exercised the MBA option too early. I should have waited. By exercising it at the same time as the FE degree, the MBA did not add a lot of marginal value. If you find yourself with an FE degree and a couple years into a career that you want to change then an MBA is a great way to switch. It doesn't work the same way when your MBA is 'stale.'