New Quantnet members say hi


Just dropped in to say hi to all !! I am a new member. I find this website extremely useful.
quick intro-i've done M.Sc.(physics), have taken admission to ms(finance) icfai uni..:-k
I am glad people at this forum are helping each other a lot
instead of trying to outdo one other...

Good luck to all for their endeavour !!
Hi everyone!!!

My name is Dzung Nguyen, I graduated with Computer Science major. Also, I like mathematics and finance. I am going to take economics course in future.

Nice to meet you all.

larry jean

Hello everyone!

my name is Larry Jean, a PhD candidate in Applied Math, with a MS in Pure Math and BS in Bioengineering. I'd like to first of all say that QuantNetwork is a great quant community, I have already found so much helpful information and received some useful advice within a few days of joining.

As an applied mathematician, I've always been curious to find out how math can be applied to different fields. I am absolutely hooked to mathematical modeling in finance after randomly coming across some option pricing models for a stochastic processes class. I have no experience in finance except a part-time job at a retirement strategies firm doing some IT stuff, but hope that's all about to change :)

Its exciting to find out that there's a whole new world out there for PhD level quantitative ppl.

Best of luck everyone, and nice meeting you all!!!

hello everyone,
My name is Tomasz(Tom) and I'm a student now doing two degrees , math(second year) and finance(first year). I hope to learn a lot from your experience :)!
See you around!
Hi there,

My name is Zheng. I'm a Ph.D. student of CS working on functional programming and high-level parallel programming language design and implementation. I'm not sure whether I can finally find a position in financial industry, but I'm trying. Nice to meet you all.
Hello Quants.

I am just starting my Bsc. and starting to gather info about programs with more advanced mathematics. this is a great site for prospective students, i have found a lot of useful information in here. Thanks for welcoming us:)

Hello and thank all you veterans for the myriad of information I have found on the forum. I'm currently finishing my bachelors in finance with a minor in mathematics from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Upon completion, I look forward to applying to many of the MFE programs across the country, and will continue to comb this and other sites for tips that can make me a competitive candidate against the field. Thanks again to all you veterans that help people like me plan their career goals. Cheers!
Hi Everyone ;)

I'm glad I have found such a wonderful forum where everyone is helping each other so much. I think this forum is really worthwhile for us, the beginners with the great topic of mathematical finance. I live in Prague, Czech Republic, and believe me when saying there is just a few people who know about what's really going on on Wall Street nowadays (I mean what kind of methodology do they use to get money). That's why I like it here. Much valuable information which help me to direct my energy and potential can I found!!!

Now I'm finishing my Bachelor study in Finance and in addition I would like to start with Mathematics next semester. I really liked the Math on high school but I wasn't sure about its practical use because management is considered as the best way how to earn big money in our country and "scientists" are starving. But now I'm glad to see that sciences brings also promising future and looking forward so much to get into very exciting Math like Probability, Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Statistics and so on.

Hopefully after I have finished my Master degrees in Math and Finance, I will join you there, on Baruch College.

See you all :tiphat:
Hoping to switch from academia to Wall Street

Hi everyone !

I just discovered That's great !

I am currently a post-doc at Princeton University but:
1. I am bored and fed up with academia
2. I am fascinated by finance
3. I need to make more money :D

I am actively preparing myself to apply to quants positions on Wall Street (mainly reading books and solving brainteasers). My background is:
1. Diploma in engineering in applied mathematics (5-yr degree)
2. MSE in civil engineering
3. PhD in applied sciences (computational finite elements).

I am looking forward to contributing ! :)

Why hello everyone! I've just recently finished my first year of my Ph.d in mathematics at UT Austin. I'm considering a career outside of academia, and wanted to get a better idea of what all this quant business is all about.
Hi all,
I've trawled on this forum a lot, and decided to do something about the big yellow message on top telling me that I haven't posted a message yet. :)
I have a bachelor's in EE and an MBA (finance), and have two years of work experience in credit risk management at JPM. I will be joining Univ of Chicago's MSFM program this fall.
You guys have a great forum going =D>... I look forward to contributing constructively going forward.


Rutgers MSMF Quantneter
new member hails from Rutgers MSMF

Hi everybody!

i have been a quiet follower of this forum for some time now, and i finally decided its time that I start to make myself heard and to contribute and feel more of a part of this community.

I studied economics in boston as an undergrad and did some internships here and there including one in risk management at Credit Suisse. My dream career would be on a quant trading desk, and I thought a MSMF would help me start off as a trading quant support. I'm good at math and follow the financial markets everyday.

I'm an entering student for the Rutgers MSMF program this fall. Posts will follow as school starts about this relatively new program. feel free to ask me any questions then.
Hi, everyone

Hi, everyone,
I am new here, and I am glad to find this forum.
I am a student in condensed matter physics. I am going to graduate soon, and currently I am looking for chances to become a quant.
Hi Midas,

glad 2 see ur post. I'd also be joinin the msmf program @ rutgers this fall, so guess we'd be seeing then.