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Hi Midas,

glad 2 see ur post. I'd also be joinin the msmf program @ rutgers this fall, so guess we'd be seeing then.


nice. have you applied for campus housing yet?
what is your plan going forward?
I just read in another post that you got accepted to MQF at rutgers. or is it MSMF?
nice. have you applied for campus housing yet?
what is your plan going forward?
I just read in another post that you got accepted to MQF at rutgers. or is it MSMF?

Got both actually, but i'v settled 4 the msmf program. thinking of gettin an off-campus accomodation... shd decide finally end of jun/early july.


Rutgers MSMF Quantneter
some additional info about rutgers for those interested

FYI, I got this from the GD forum:

"I am a current student at Rutgers Mathematical Finance .... i can answer most of your questions quite fairly .. i did post in other threads also if you would have used the search button you would have found most of the details anyways .. here are some details ...

As i am an Indian most of my interaction is with Indians here at Rutgers so my answers may be biased towards Indians..

We have only one Indian Senior and this is his last semester and he is still looking for a job. He did his internship(paid) in some hedge fund in NY. I do know a couple of other people but they were Maths PHds and are very well placed either in London or in NY. The Senior had interviews with all most all Big I banks and some small hedge funds and interviews are going on .. ( 2nd round, 3rd round etc) but still he has no offers. Other thing he told was in interviews he is being grilled on hard core C++ and he is really not looking out for that kind of job with so much coding involved... Thats all about our previous seniors ..

Now about current students....

About the course :-

Its still in developing stages. The thing is there is yet no separate department for Mathematical Finance Students so are in Maths Department. Now we take courses such as Numerical Analysis and Regression ( Stats Dept ). these course are very important but how we implement these courses as a Quant is not much clear. I am not sure about other universities but i feel application of these courses in Finance should be taught in these courses as well. Anyways things are changing. We have new courses in next semester which will be taught by industry professionals and which are much more relevant. This fall also we had a course on computational finance and it was taught by a street professional ( Prof Atkin) .. More details are on the website .. Also we have option of taking courses from nearly any department and also business school.

We do have info sessions from all I banks specifically for Math Finance students also. People came from different quant research groups.

Rutgers is a big university and nearly everyone in the industry knows Rutgers. I have yet to see any I banks not coming to Rutgers to recruit. As of now they come for CS/ EE graduates but we took advantage of this and all of us have interviews lined up for internships.
Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Goldman, Barkclays Capital, blackrock, Citi etc .. companies come late here ( feb and march ).

But the thing is these internships are not exactly quant internships but they can take you to quant groups once you get the intern. In the last interview one of us asked the interviewer that how would we be placed in the company. The interviewer told us that they have quant groups and they will put us with those goups 'if' we get hired. Same is the process for other banks also. They are quite happy to put us under quant groups. So we did take advantage of on campus hiring. As of now i haven't heard many poeple got calls for off campus interviewing except for one or two ( we are 9 of us here ).

The Course director is also working very hard for industry contacts. We have a major advantage here that is alumni in I banks.. and most alumni do try to bring their companies for campus hiring. You need to work hard but getting the jobs would not be as difficult . You will get interviews as you get in other schools so its up to you to crack it. Being close to NY ( only 45 min to Manhattan ) has its advantage and as miniarcade said in previous post if you are resourceful and ready to put in an effort coming here would not be a waste.

I think this will answer all your questions and still if you have any doubts send me a mail or just post here i do sometimes browse this y forum. And if you really decide to join Rutgers ( that is you didnt get an admit from any other Big schools) come prepared. If i were you and i had an Admit from schools like Claremont , IIT, or others i would definitely come to Rutgers. That being said we do have a transfer student from Claremont.

Course are very very tough and and i have seen people leave or get very bad grades. That do hurt in times like this. Right now in the class we have lot of PHDs ( Maths, Stats, Physics ) and its really not easy to get good grades but none the less its very challenging and i do personally enjoy the experience. Come prepared, brush up your MATHS .. Best of luck to all .."
Hey, Im currently a undergrad and Rutgers and was planning to apply for the MSMF program there among others. Do you know any stats on the competitiveness of the Rutgers program? Like how many students apply and how many get admitted? Also what kind of grades did you guys have (GPA, GRE, etc)?
I give my first post to this thread..

I am a junior in Math. I will be around here quite a bit after the application season for 2009 starts. Nice to see you all......

Sanket Patel

i do stuff
above two statements sound like the first code you learn to write in a programming language class.:)
conclusion: you guys must be programmers.

....ok i know its not funny.

Pretty funny actually. Reminds me of my very first program:


phrase$ = "Hello World!"
PRINT  phrase$ 

Ahh...the BASIC language! :smt024
Hello everyone,
My nickname is Mo. I am prospective student for MFE program at Polytechnic University in this fall 2008. I graduated from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology in Thailand in Computer Engineering field. Also, I got master's degree from the same university in Information Enginnering field.

So, I am really new in the financial engineering field. I've never been in NYC before in my life. If anyone got any suggestions for me, I would be grateful.

I feel so glad to join this community. If there're anything I could help, please tell me.
I am Mudit,found this as a very huge and useful source of information for the players who want to try their hands in MFE arena.
Thanks to google for letting me know about quantnet.

cheers !!!!

keep learning .................
first post

Hi everyone this is my first post in quantnet I couldn t resist (sorry...) I learned a lot more in this site about quants than anywhere else so far .I want to thank those of you guys who take some precious time of their busy schedule :smt024to answer wannabe quant's questions.
Thanks again
Have a great summer
Greetings to all. It's a beautiful Sunday today. The sky is clear and blue. There is a lot of sunshine and the temperature is around 60s. It's a perfect day for outdoor activities, yet I am sitting here in my bedroom to write my very first message in this forum :D. So I guess you know the reason why. I find a good community here and tons of cool stuff on finance, which is one of my major research interests. I am doing a PhD in operations research and a concurrent master's in financial engineering. Hope to learn a lot from many big people in here. Thanks. :tiphat:
New member says 'hello' to all members

Hello all,
I am glad to join this community. Hope I will make a lot of friends here.
I am looking for a position for quant and the job market now is ... I will appreciate if any one would help me to pass my resume. I am phd in math and master in stat.
Thank you,


I'm an aspiring quant who's thrilled to have found this site and all of its information. Thanks to all who contribute.

Hello from Tokyo

Hi everyone,

I was so surprised on how friendly everybody sounds in this community; very unlike other forums that I have seen.

I am currently working in a Fixed Income Technology (Securitized Products Group) at an investment bank in Tokyo, Japan. To be brutally honest, my position has been marked for elimination by end of July 2008, so I am now looking for other opportunities.

I have a Ph.D. in Computer Enginering and an MBA in Finance from the University of Arizona. I have spent the last 10 years of my career in the Technology side of the Financial sector, and am now contemplating to focus more on the Risk / Quantitative areas. I have been very involved in residential mortgage business in the U.S. since 1999; I was part of a team that built a proprietary rule-based online automated underwriting system (AUS) using Fannie Mae's guidelines and lender-specific risk-based pricing.

I do not have real experience as a Quant, just a bit of projects here and there. I would hope to learn from all of you about what being a Quant is all about.

Thanks for welcoming me, and I would hope to be a contributing member of this community.