New Quantnet members say hi

Hi everyone,

My name is Max. I am a Junior from the University of Illinois in Actuarial Science. I have passed the Actuarial Exams 1/P, 2/FM, and 3L/MLC. Also, I have held internships at The Hartford and State Farm.

Anyways, I'm here to explore other quantitative careers. Thanks for creating this forum!
Hi everyone! I just joined the Quantnet. I recently got a PhD in theoretical physics from an Ivy league university and am seeking a career in finance. I am also a CFA level 3 candidate. About a week ago, I moved to Toronto area to accompany my husband and am trying to find a finance job here. I haven't had luck yet though. I'd be glad to get to know people in Toronto. Thanks for making a great website!
Hi, everybody,

I am Bae who is acting as a middle officer in a fund. I am happy that I can find and join this community. Thanks!



Hello everyone!

My name is Bing, I come from China and I will apply MFE in fall 2009.
I am so glad to join quantnet, and happy to meet you here!

A big hello to the family....
For a brief profile:
From a computer Science student (with a 3.2) as an undergrad...went to a reasonably high ranked MBA school in 2004, got a <3 gpa :wall, graduated in 2006 and have been working for a non-bulge bracket IB in Asia as an investment banker since....
took my gmat recently and scored a 780 (and have an old quant 800 in GRE, which I *hope* I can repeat if required), so would be trying for the fall 2010 hoping to get into one of the 'big name' schools in US.....let see....:prayer:
Hi all,
I am a physics Phd in US and will graduate in the next year. I want to find a job in finance related field. Hopefully I can make lots of friends here. Welcome to contact me!
Hello from Colorado

I am currently a unix admin for a large IT firm here in south Denver, Colorado. My original education was intended to be Electical Engineering, but due to the rich job market here, I dropped out my Sophmore year and have been working since. I've tried going back several times at night, but I've slacked off on that degree as I really don't want to design hardware.

Over the years I have been sucked into the online Forex trading market. Each night I come home and pour over tons of articles/books/research about how to use technical analysis on Forex pair trading. I've done okay with this approach, but I think it's now time for some real technical training...

Currently I have developed a fully automated system to buy/sell Forex securities using the Oanda platform. What I want to do is take a few years and do a self-study of the quantitative approaches and eventually develop some financial models that I can turn into automated programs to sell currency pairs. So far I've been using basic (and probably incorrect) probability decision making programs (algorithm trading) schemes I have read about in various books.

My math knowledge so far is through Calculus 2, but I'm willing to take classes at night so that I can eventually have enough knowledge to dive into some of the quant text books.

My goal isn't really to get a degree in financial engineering, but rather to learn enough to improve my personal trading abillity. I do have a geniune passion for math and often find myself doing math problems at night, so it's really more of a hobby than a career aspiration. I love all of this stuff and usually find myself spending hours on end reading about different algorithms and various other techniques. I do not believe I'd be a good trader for a company or a hedge fund as I'd not be trading my own funds -- hence why this is really just going to stay as a personal study. Though going to school to learn about this is not entire out of the picture either.

Anyway, that's my goal in a nutshell (pretty lofty I know!)

Thanks for providing this forum as I wouldn't be able to connect with all the smart individuals here otherwise. There aren't many quants where I live (Denver, Colorado). :)

I'm going to start by reading the book mentioned in the education forum by Dan Stafonica... "A primer for mathematics of financial engineer".


Greeting and question

Hi, everyone, I am Yu Lu, a new quantneter. Very glad to join you.

And I have a question: I got two years working experience in KPMG, as an auditor. From Aug. 2008, I join an NASDAQ listed online game company to do M&A and venture investment. My school major is Accounting, but my performance in math courses is strong, and I want to learn something about quantitative skill, and to be an analyst after my graduation. According to my background, will Baruch consider me fit this program?

Thank you!
my detailed information

The detailed information about me:

Major: Accounting
GPA: 3.5
GMAT:670 (Q51;V29)
Working experience: as an auditor, 2 years in KPMG;
current job: assistant manager in VC investment department
Major math course:
caculus 1 and 2, linear algebra, probability, statistics, C programming. ( all scores above 90 out of 100)

I am planning to apply for the 2009 MFE program. Is it enough to help me get in?

I am looking forward to your answering.

Thanks a lot!
hello quants

I am a computational scientist working in a non-financial field but I just started a site that does some really basic stock analysis. I just published the site and have a lot of ideas that I am working on. Please let me know what you think! Thanks! Unique Stock Analysis
Financila Eng


i found this site by accident. i am a finance gratuate from Iowa. i looked at all your qualifications, all of you are awesome.

Financial engineering is one of my dream job 10 years ago. i think this is a special and unique job. I used to work in Bank of Tokyo and I structured loan and deals. I think those deals are quite direct and less complicated. By chance, anyone can tell me how to improve myself in this area?

Now, i am a consultant in financial stress test modeling on mostly porjects or manufacturing projects. i restudy the financial information from the applicants and make my assumptions to test the significant and integrity of the figures.

Just like to find out if there are anyone in Kuala Lumpur / singapore in this community?

Hello from a New Member

Hello Everyone,

I just joined Quantnet.

I am a Chartered Accountant from India and an MBA from the US, currently living in the US. Have worked for some years as a software developer and more recently working on financial modeling and simulation.

Planning to join the MFE program in 2009.

prospective MFC/MBA student...

Hi everyone, :tiphat:
I just joined the community. I am currently a software engineering looking to change career and get into finance. I have come to realize that I am trader at heart! I have a Masters degree in both computer science and applied economics, and I am currently debating whether to apply to a MFE program or a MBA program or both (columbia's dual degree in MBA/MFE would ideally be the best option for me but it might be extremely competitive) . I have already taken the GMAT 720 (49q, 39v) and probably going to take the GRE next month.

I am going to roam the forum before I posting any silly questions (though I might have some silly questions afterwards). However, if anyone wants to give me any quick advise. I would really appreciate it.
Hi, everyone. I am Li ^ ^, and I am a student studying for the master degree of system engeneering. I want to be a Quant in the future, and I am trying my best to achieve that. I plan to a further study and research in graduate school in US or Europe. I know it's not easy to be a Quant and many difficult problems and barriers I will confront. But I feel lucky I found this quant community, and I believe you will help me during my difficult period. ^ ^
Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone:tiphat:! I am Yaroslav. I am working on my PhD in Physics and expecting to graduate in Spring-Summer 2009 (depence when I will find the job :D). I would like to continue my career as a Quant and I hope to find many answers to my quastions with you help.
I happy to be here!
Hi everyone

I just joined this forum. I'm considering to join the MFE program in 2009. I'm interested in the Asian market as well as the other emerging market. I love to travel. So one day, I'd like to go there and meet the real economy. Though now I'm dealing with in front of my screen.

hi there

Just joined and here's my first post.

I'm working as an IT developer (non-finance) and just finished my master degree in quantitative finance. So, looking and hoping to land in a quant job asap - hint: Any advice is very welcomed!

I'm based in Barcelona Spain. Anyone here from the same place...or at least Spain?

New member

Hello Everyone,
my name is Albert. I am a senior software developer at Acadian Asset Management in Boston. We're a quantitative equity shop. I'm also enrolled part time at the Mathematical Finance program at Boston University. Looking forward to chatting with people here at Quantnet.
Hello All,

I joined this site about a week ago. I am currently working in the industry (four years out of undergrad) on the risk management side dealing many with structured products in a business development role. I've also had previous experience in credit derivatives research and have done some work with swaps and swaptions. Mode of my experience has been around the modeling of these and various other fixed-income securities from a risk management standpoint.

I am looking to move into the front office and am interested in either volatility or correlation trading. In order to accomplish this goal I will be applying to full-time and part-time MFE programs, preferably in New York.

I'm definitely open to networking and meeting new people.
Hi,everyone! I'm Wang Ying

:) Hi,all!
I'm Wang Ying. You can call me Candy. I'm an undergraduate in Finance from China, and I will apply to MFE in fall 2009.
So happy to join in this community. I'll spend more time here to share information about MFE with you.
Thanks a lot!