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New Quantnet members say hi

About me:

I am working in Murex as a quant. I will do the "DEA El karoui" next year. My aim is to work in new york as a quant.

hi friends!
this is Vik, i am new to this forum hope to share and learn a lot from you guys
Computer Science Programmer looking to turn Quant

Hi everyone,

I'm actually looking for a quantitative programming position in Boston, but I found this forum to be useful and decided to join it even though I don't have any plans to move to NYC. There's nothing like this for Boston.

My background is in computer science with no formal education in finance except for a few economics classes in college. I enjoy reading and learning about the quantitative finance as it uses computer science areas I'm familiar with like machine learning, data mining and AI.

My hope is to break into the finance industry through a position with an emphasis on programming and software development of the financial models used in quantitative finance. I have over seven years of software development experience including 5 years of that working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I worked in the machine learning group. If there is anyone looking to hire a programmer in the Boston area to do just that, please contact me.

New quant

Hi guys,

I have recently graduated as mathematician and have taken a few courses in math. finance. Now I'm hoping to work as a financial engineer / quant from next year!
I will graduate this year from Indiana University with a BS in math and a BS in applied physics. I am interested in learning more about financial mathematics but plan on pursuing a PhD in Applied Math.

My name is Dan. I'm on the faculty in a business college and have taken a research interest in financial engineering. Anyone who wants to ping me on a question I have, please feel free.

Here's the question: if you are in the business of financial derivatives analytics - specifically your job role is to carry out analytic work on financial derivatives, then specifically what software tool sets are you using to do your job?

There's a not on the internet that implies certain tools are popular, but I'd like to hear from the practictioners just what they're using. Answering this question will help me tremendously.

Thank you.
Greetings and questions


I am a new member, recently started my PhD research in financial math.

I'd appreciate if you guys can help me re the following two questions:

1- I couldn't find a technical forum in Quantnet, I mean somewhere we can share ideas about our research and technical questions.

2- I am also thinking of doing an internship probably in couple of months from now. Is there any resources in Quantnet to help me in this regard?

Hi everybody

Hi, everybody,

I am Danny. MS of Quantitative and Computational Finance student at Georgia Tech. I am happy that I can join this community. Thanks!

Danny Sun
Hi Everybody out there,

This is Anmol....I have joined this community today and found a lot of information regarding MFE.......Would like to thank all the ppl out there for posting their suggestions/information


I am Wilson Ling, from Toronto, Canada. I have been a risk analyst for almost a year. I have a Masters of Engineering in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. I am interested in learning more about being a quantitative analyst. I look forward to meeting some of you in this community.
Hi, all
I'm a Vian, I'm a new member and I've get a lot of useful information about MFE. Thanks a lot.=D>
Hi there,

i'm a new quantnet member from germany, looking for hints and tricks for convertible bond pricing (see brennan/schwartz 1977). if there is anybody messing around with this too, i would like to have a talk! :)

Greetings from overseas!

Hi guys, I'm Mike. I'm an undergrad in electrical engineering at UMich and I'm applying to FE programs this fall. I've known about this site for awhile and have learned a lot about the field already. I'll be spending much more time here while I attempt to nail down exactly which schools are the best fit for me.
Hello All,

My name is Navnit. I am from Mumbai (India) and am new to this community, but yes I have already heard a lot about this community. I am preparing to get myself enrolled for MFE, and also I am weighing all my options so as to reach a fair price and hence be ready to exercise at my will.. :) this is bcos m currently occupied to Pricing of Derivatives.

Thanks very much
hello,everyone here ! i am harriet from china and a new member of our community .
i have just received my master degree in Applied Maths and will begin my phd programs in MFE .
i come here mainly for two reasons. First and foremost , i want to learn somethings and share somethings together with u .Besides, i hope that i can get some admission information about university strong in MFE since i want to study at your university with the help of government scholarship for one year . yet i have no idea which unversity are proper and which admit such kind of exchange students .
thank u all :)
Hi all I'm Mark. I've just left my job as an exotic ABS trader at a European Bank, at least partly because there was nobody left to trade with! I'm looking to study for an MFE next year despite the derision I received from the rest of my team, who told me that if they had had their time again they would have become vets and astronauts rather than financial engineers... I'm looking at UCB, Princeton and Baruch.
Hello everyone!

Awesome board you've all seem to have put together. I've been lurking for a while now. Just started taking MFE classes at Baruch. Hope to meet more of you in person.

Hey all, I'm Zach. I am an undergrad at Wash U in Systems Engineering (OR). I plan on working on FE material this year and then (hopefully) go on to a FE program next year.