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Thank you very much Andy for your reply, I looked through the link but most guides from U.S. and have to be ordered through Amazon, unfortunatly Amazon does not ship to Ukraine, do you know of any other online resources that I can start on, or maybe where these books are posted for downloading?

Thanks again, I really appreciated.

Surely you can get English language books in the Ukraine? Amazon isn't the only place out there selling books. Perhaps a bookstore can help you out; perhaps you can get them through Ebay dealing with an individual (who is more flexible); perhaps you can work something out with someone in the states (or elsewhere) to buy the books and ship them to you.

Don't give up so easily.
Hello everyone - I am Kamil interested to moving into developing trading systems. I have more than 12 years experience as a Software Engineer (9 yrs C++(telecom), 3 yrs C, JAVA) My education background is BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Computer Science. But it's been many many years since I have done algebra, calculus and things like that. Are there finance companies out there would be willing to consider candidates like me given my C++ development experience though no background in the finances (though I have a investor who is investing my money in options and things like that ;) ).

Any guidance on what kind of books should I pick on, courses, etc is appreciated.
hi everybody this is kadambari i ve completed my degree in electronics and communication
and want to persue MFE and so i m here to join u wonderful ppl:) i m currently wrkin at a firm which creates software for technical analysis similar to metastock please lemme kno what r the prerequisites
Just found this site. Looks very interesting. Is this really just a forum for Baruch students or is it a more general quant site? I am about to finish my MBA from Seattle University and current employed as an equity portfolio manager. I am hoping to get some good book recommendations or if anyone knows of some other good resources on bloomberg, specifically automating functions. Why reinvent the wheel.
Hello All,

I am working in an IT services company in India. I have a mechanical engineering degree. I am 29 years, and have around 7 years of IT experience and am designated as Project Manager. I don't have strong technical skills (except SAS, on which I have even trained others) as I have mainly worked on support projects doing bug-fixes (old technologies) and then leading the same team. I am trained in Java, C etc although not worked much on them.

Project management is not really my strength and I don't enjoy it. I love to do analytical work and I have very strong analytical skills. I am looking for a change now and was looking into MBA programs as the obvious next step. But a friend who is going to UC Berkely for MFE suggested I consider MFE. I was totally unaware of this course, but as I am researching more, I am getting more interested! It combines my search for an analytical job with my interest in Finance.

Although I don't have a formal education in Finance, I have learnt trading on my own and I trade Futures and Options for my personal account. Even greeks are not greek for me as I have read about them.

I am definitely doing more research on this, but what do you guys suggest? Does MFE look right for me? And is "interest" enough to get me in the program, and then to get a job?
Hi new guy here.

33 years old guy in LA area. No background in math, or comp sci.

I have a BS in finance from UPenn, and worked for 6 years in equities. I started off by being a day trader on 499 Park avenue in the Bloomberg Building for two years. Later went to Seoul Korea and worked 4 more years as a equity research analyst and then equity sales trader.

I think I have a good understanding of discretionary market trading. I also believe that no model or computers will ever be able to substitute for human intuition and instinct. If all trading was done by programs, then trading would not be profitable any longer imo.

So why do I want to get an MFE? To learn about derivatives more than what I know about simple stuff like a straddle or strangle, and learn some crazy stochastic, time series, markov process, monte carlo, crazy stuff. Stuff I keep reading about but never figured out in depth.

Anyways, good to be here and hope to learn a lot.

Oh, I'm targeting the best schools I can get into. Some other guys GD suggested programs like USC, Rutgers, or Stevens (heh what's Stevens??).

I hope to get into the best programs I can get into. I am applying to the best of them, and will keep my fingers crossed. I have a really really horrendous GPA (like barely graduating kind of GPA here), so I have my work cut out for me.
Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! My name is Tim and I am new to the Quantnet Community. I have my B.S. in Financial Economics from Binghamton University and am currently enrolled at Columbia University, taking classes part-time as a Postbaccalaureate Student, working toward a Quantitative Studies for Finance Certificate. I plan on pursuing a Masters in Mathematical Finance following the certificate program. I live on Long Island and work in Manhattan. I hope to move in to the city sometime in the near future. In my spare time I like to socialize, listen to music, play music, work out, read, etc. I have found this community to be very informative and even entertaining at times. I look forward to becoming a more active part of an excellent community of dedicated professionals. Questions/comments welcome.

Thanks! Currently I work in television advertising sales, as I was offered a job before I graduated from college, but now I'm looking to move into a quantitative position at either a bank or a hedge fund, though I am kind of waiting to see how things pan out at the major banks amidst all the writedowns and other adverse financial news. How about yourself?

Hello to all in Quantnet

My name is Dr. Wendell Brokaw, I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. I am currently a director of Engineering of a UK based organization. I am seeking a CFA designation, and I am interested in quant workas I have a core strength in computational electrodynamics which is foundationally solution methods for integral and differential equations. Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
hi, everybody. i'm a MFE student. i just arrive in Newyork City. it's the dream place where is the most appropriate to study finance. hoping that i will gain what i want. thank you!
hello there, I'm an econometrician in a theoretical/mathematical area, time-series specialism. Just starting to research derivatives pricing.
Hello everyone!

Hi I am new to this forum, just wondering what would a day-to-day work look like as a entry level financial engineer. I am currently working in insurance doing actuarial related work, good amount of my time is spent on running business process and data retrieving, but not actual learning and analyzing. I am curious about how different is an entry level financial engineer. Any inputs would be helpful. Thanks!
There will never be a job that affords you time to learn. It's especially true for Wall Street. The objective is to make money.
That shouldn't stop you from learning on the job. There are chances to learn everything. The mundane tasks are part of the job but you can always find way to do it better, use different tools to optimize your task.
If you say you don't learn anything in your job, you haven't tried hard enough.
cout << "And Hello World again - My first post - Lord, hoping for a error free compilation" ;

About me:
Graduation - Bachelors Electrical Engineering [First class]
WorkEx : Around 7.5 years, in IT worked as a Developer/Business Analyst in IB's/Stock Exchanges.
GMAT : 700 (Q50)
Will get strong Recommendations and working on my SOP as of now.

Planning for: so far....CMU, UCB, Baruch

Help Requested:
1. Its been a while since I have been out of college and need to refresh Mathematics and Stochastic Probablity. Other than books, can you recommend any online courses on these topics. To what extent does "time since left college" matters in application. Does a good WorkEx make up for it.
2. Please evaluate my profile. Let me know if you need anymore details.

Thanks to Andy for amazing Downloads in the above mail thread, especially the one from Mark Joshi.