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New Quantnet members say hi

Re: For all new Quantnet members, please say hi here

Anyone knows the schedule for Baruch MFE upcoming info sessions ? I plan to attend one in the Spring.

Update: the website has been updated http://www.baruch.cuny.edu/math/masters.html
Here are the detailed info for upcoming info session. Please note that on the RSVP page, the old name of our program ([FONT=Arial, Helvetica]Applied Math for Finance)[/FONT] was shown instead of the new name (Financial Engineering)
  • Upcoming Information Sessions for Fall 2007 Admission:
    Monday - February 5
    Tuesday - March 6
    Tuesday - March 27
    Monday - April 16

    The Director of the Financial Engineering MS Program and current students in the program will be available to present the program and answer your questions.
Time: 6pm
Location: Room 8-210, Vertical Campus (Lexington Avenue at 24th Street)
Please RSVP at
Contact Information: Ms. Cathy Levkulic
Phone: (646) 312-4493 Email: Cathy_Levkulic@baruch.cuny.edu
Re: For all new Quantnet members, please say hi here

Hi All,
This is tom from Bangalore, India and working as analyst in Quant division.
Nice to see u all :smt023
Re: For all new Quantnet members, please say hi here

hello everyone,
a very happpy new year to all
Myself Vineet Bansal, presently studying at the indian institute of techonology, mumbai.
Nice to see all u ppl here

Re: Hi, all.

Hi. I'm John. I am also interested in applying for the Fall 2007 MSFE. I earned a BS in Biology 10 years ago and have been working in the IT operations/support field since then. I was recently accepted into Baruch's MBA program, but deferred for employment reasons.

I took the GRE about 9 years ago (570 V/730 Q). From reading the other posts by future applicants, I should be taking it again. If I do, may I only take the Quantitative section? My GPA is....well, let's uh, move on.

I can relate to this. My own undergraduate transcript is...to put it euphemistically...rather schizophrenic. By that I mean it looks like it belongs to someone who performed both brilliantly and miserably at different intervals. This is something I'd have to explain in my personal statement when the time comes.

While the admissions committee may differ, I'd like to think that, as they say on the prospectuses of mutual funds, that past (poor) performance is not an indication of future results. :)
Re: Hi, all.

While the admissions committee may differ, I'd like to think that, as they say on the prospectuses of mutual funds, that past (poor) performance is not an indication of future results. :)

Indeed, admissions committee looks at your application as a whole package. Make sure to explain everything what needs explanation, show them why you are interested in the field, and why you choose this program. After that - The sky is the limit ;) :)
Hi all,

My name is Orlando. I am currently a Senior Developer and IT Manager for a US Equity Market Neutral Hedge Fund in Jersey City. I have been working there for three years, it has been an amazing experience. The main programming language we use is called APL(A Programming Language), an array base language.
I am passionate about programming and finance. I am applying for the Fall 2007 MFE program. I really like this program and have read and heard great things about it.
If anyone has any suggestions before I submit my application, It will be greatly appreciated.

I have BS in Computer Science from The City College of New York. I have all the prerequisites to enter the program.
I have been working for a hedge fund since I graduated college in 2004.
I am proficient in C++, APL, VBA, and SQL. I wrote an order management in C++ for our office supporting fix 4.0-4.4. My main weakness which I don't see here from many students is that I performed poorly as an undergrad. I graduated with a GPA of 2.7.
I believe you would benefit by going to our open house on Feb 5 to iron out the last concerns. You can emphasize the working experience to balance out the low GPA. Just a note from my experience: our program is extremely heavy in term of time commitment. It's also very stressful given the heavy load of assigments we have to do every week. So make sure you dedicate enough time for this.
Dear Quantnet family, I have started to apply to Baruch loh!! :tiphat: Hopefully I have what Baruch is looking for and can join this lovely family later this year!!

Below is my background:
B. Eng. (Computer Eng.), GPA: 3.38/4.0
M.Sc. (Bioinformatics), GPA: 3.78/4.0
GRE: V650, Q800, AWA4.0
Working experience: 1.5 years as a researcher in computational biology
Publications: 3 journals papers, 1 conference paper, 4 others submitted to journals for reviewing
ya.. i know its on a bit lower side... there were certain things involved on the exam day.......

I have an interest in finance..... & considering my engg. background i believe that financial engineering is the thing i want to persue.... so basically pulling on my interest with capabilities. & I have done substantial research work in my present field .... i want to explore financial engg now.

sorry for replying late.... my hand is broken currently.. played some nasty football :smt102.

hope to c ya all...
I put a post out earlier: "International student advice...". It seems I jumped the gun a bit. So this may be redundant but here goes. My name is Marc and I'm applying for 2007. I studied Physics (BS) and Economics at MIT; graduated in 2005. I did some research work in Economics after I graduated for about 1 year and then I returned to Trinidad (where I'm from). I really want to get back to doing more mathematical and computational stuff, and that's not really available in Trinidad so here I am applying to the MFE program. Also I really just love New York City and a lot of my colleagues already work in the industry there. That's all for now!

Hi All,

I am Kanu and applying to Baruch for Fall'2007. First of all a big thanks to everyone associated with Baruch Family,for maintaining these forums.

Few Queries :)
1) The courses that are listed on to website are not detailed. I want to know the in depth details that are covered in courses.
2) I am very much inclined towards learning mechanics of derivatives markets. I am reading Hull book right nw.Can you please suggest any book that have case studies or the important events that has happend in Derivative markets?
3) Can i do internship in middle of Baruch Programme? Also I want to know more about the Quant Lab session.What all tools are used,how data analysis is done etc etc.

Thanks in advance

hey guys... i just joined this forum... I am also from Baruch but doing my MBA here. I would like to know more about the MFE program.
Quant programs with financial assistants

Hi All,
this is keshav very much interested to know information related to Quant programs which are having Financial assistance. About me 2+ years of experiance in quant services, done MSc in Statistics in India. (http://www.uohyd.ernet.in).

thanks in advance
GPA calculation

I belong to India. My grades are defined in percentages.How to calculate the GPA for same?

PLease reply... I have to submit my application

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community.

I've been out of college for 8 years now. Spent the first 4 years at various companies doing web development and the last 4 years doing Compliance/IT work.

I'm basically starting from scratch and hopefully will have the prereq's completed for Fall '08 application.

Like MichaelK, I'm planning to take the C++ courses at NYU. Then, I'll work on the math prereqs at Hunter. (Can anyone suggest which courses specifically I should sign up for?)

I haven't taken the GRE yet either. So I have a long way to go.

Undergraduate degree from NYU in Finance/IS with a 3.4 GPA.

Good at math. Can be better. 760math for my SAT.

That's about it for now.
hello all

after a telephonic interview with dan today , I have been accepted for fall 2007.

I hope to see all u ppl sooon

< very excited>