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Quantnet Picnic in Central Park

I like it on

  • Sat 9/20

    Votes: 25 62.5%
  • Sat 9/13

    Votes: 15 37.5%

  • Total voters


Active Member
We're planning an outdoor Quantnet festival in Central Park for the middle of September.
The candidate dates are Saturday, September 13th and Saturday, September 20th.

We'll keep this thread open until Friday, September 5th for comments and the a decision will be made.

So, what will it be?

doug reich

Some guy
I scheduled one of those Subotnick tutorials on the 13rd, so I prefer the 20th, but that can obviously be canceled.

doug reich

Some guy
I have an embarrassing story about the great hill, location of last year's picnic, from my childhood. I will tell it to you if you go to the picnic, and if you ask me to.


Well-Known Member
Neither of the two dates -- I will be travelling in China during that time. Enjoy the picnic, guys !!!


Well-Known Member
I would prefer to make it Sept 13th. I guess creator of the thread or admin can add voting block to the thread.