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Rutgers MSMF Rutgers MSMF or Stevens Institute MFE?

Joe Ross

Rutgers MSMF Student
JRR...I took courses that were part of MFEs in two different schools. I think I know what I'm talking about to a good extent.

I took some business courses as electives at Georgia Tech while getting my engineering degrees, but that does not make me an insider who is qualified to make a generalization about the caliber of their MBA program or any other schools. That being said, you are entitled and should voice your opinion on MFE programs, but in my opinion your argument would be stronger if were to qualify your statements so people aren't misled.

I think we are getting off the subject of this posting, though, so we should probably stop discussing this.
No I will be going to rutgers this fall.. and frankly im not the right person to answer Course work related queries cuz im myself new to the field :)
hey barbie ...i have n admit from rutgers MSMF...it will be so nice of you if you can detail me about this.....plzzzzzzzz