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The Master Happy Birthday thread

Hi Bridgett. Have a great day. See you in three weeks with probability=1.
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Bridgett!!!!

Hi guys and gals, thank you all so much -- my day has been great because of your wonderful wishes!! :D
Madam President Happy Birthday! :tiphat:
What's your wish? How about continue to be our beloeved Madam President one more year? :dance: :dance: :dance: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:
happy birthday,dude......

what a pity is in this entering class has only two students from Nanjing University, not previously three.
Um, BTW, can anybody tell me what I need to bring to school for my first class today? Is laptop necessary for the class? Thanks. :)
Happy Birthday, Frank! Looking forward to meeting you in person, and working with you!