Will Anyone Be Attending the ARPM Bootcamp?


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Not going, but would you mind posting a review here post-bootcamp? I'm curious about it, but I am a bit wary of how much I can absorb in 6-days covering a broad swath of topics. Thanks!


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Anyone in Quantnet attending the APRM?
Hope we have a chance to meet.

Bing and I will do a review after the APRM Bootcamp.
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This definitely is a worth-to-go training. The only quant finance training bootcamp that I knew from my head. Class materials is broad and deep for the 6 days back to back with review and training session right after the main session. Also, the training offered so-called “lab” where you can view all the matlab/python code for all the examples, chart simulations, which became so handy afterward to build up my own library. Also instructor mentioned in the class that from this year, they will offer an even longer and immersive training for several months which student can learn from home. That might be better for person who enjoy studying at your own pace kind of the thing. To me as a quant, I will definitely go back again.


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APRM Bootcamp is taught by a practioner, Atillio Meucci
Attilio Meucci - Wikipedia

The URL for the APRM Bootcamp is: Quantitative Finance Course | ARPM Bootcamp.

Myself a Quant practioner, Meucci knows what he is talking about.

The APRM Bootcamp focuses on the "P" side of quant finance, namely - econometrics, qunatitative risk management and portfolio management rather than the "Q" side on pricing.

Starting 2018, they are enhancing their curriculum adding more materials in Data Science and Machine Learning in Finance.

If you want to have a big picture of techniques done in the APRM Bootcamp would be a worthwhile experience to attend this event. But to my assessment, if you want an honest to goodness mastery of concepts, it will take a year of serious study to fully absorb the material not to mention the incentive of having a APRM certification which will enhance your credentials.

Meucci's book is only half of the story.

If you want to dig deeper on APRM, try digging Meucci's SSRN page: Author Page for Attilio Meucci :: SSRN
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Hello There ,
I have attended ARPM Bootcamp in past and strongly recommend it to quant finance community.
I attended ARPM Bootcamp, based on recommendation from another practitioner and found it excellent combination of math theory, its application to risk management as well as portfolio management.
I, myself , is with quant finance back-ground (MAFN from Columbia University in NY) and currently practitioner in quant risk management.
ARPM Bootcamp is unique learning opportunity in quantitative finance , when compared to usual class-room training. It has presentation slides, programming code as well as simulations. These simulations act as visual representation of math/stat concepts , which are foundation of tools used in buy side as well as sell side firms.
ARPM Bootcamp is also excellent networking opportunity with professionals from various firms( sell side as well as buy-side) as well as experts from academia. You will also attend presentations from various industry-veterans in the field.
It covers broad spectrum of topics in few days, but in-depth manner.
Atillio Meucci is subject matter expert as well as excellent communicator.
He teaches many complex topics in clear terms. ARPM bootcamp also has importannt component
of end-of-day exercise and solutions review. It helps to absorb theory.
Wishing you best in your journey of analytical finance!
Pratik Mhatre
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The ARPM Bootcamp is an intense week-long program that aims to give participants a solid overview of the main statistical concepts related to quantitative finance biased towards the real-world probability measure, P (as opposed to the derivatives pricing, risk-neutral probability measure, Q). It is a tour de force of cutting edge theory and concepts that every serious quantitative analyst should have a reasonable grasp of.

It is supported by a high caliber set of online tools such as the ARPM Lab and the ARPM MOOC (massively open online course) and academic support staff to ensure students can maximize their learning experience since the ARPM Bootcamp covers a lot of material in a fairly condensed period of time.

Atillio Meucci is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and, unlike many academics, has real-world practical industry experience in the areas he teaches. As a bonus, he is also an extremely talented teacher and has a great knack for explaining complicated concepts in a straightforward manner. In fact, his talent for teaching is carried through into the online material referred to above used to support the ARPM Bootcamp.

In addition to the learning material and resource available at the ARPM Bootcamp, it’s also a great place to network with like-minded people who each have their own unique perspective in relation to the subject matter being taught.

In summary, the ARPM Bootcamp is a cutting edge course offered by a pre-eminently capable team, led by the eponymous Atillio Meuci. The various online tools supporting the program are great and icing on the cake. The networking opportunities alone are well worth the attendance fee.

I would highly recommend attending and learning what all the hype is about.